Thursday, March 22, 2012

JJ Lin produces the theme song for the movie Flying With You, starring Jimmy Lin and Nara Jang

Jimmy Lin and JJ Lin became best friends from their mutual love of fast sports cars. JJ Lin took time off from his busy schedule to write and produce the theme songs for Jimmy Lin’s new movie “Flying With You”. The female lead Nara Jang flew from Korea to Taiwan just for the recording.

Jimmy and Nara became good friends since the collaboration of the movie “Flying With You”. The two shot some breathtaking scenes in a high altitude rain forest. Jimmy and Nara are best known for their baby face. The new movie will premiere this summer worldwide.

This is the first time Nara will sing in Chinese. Producer JJ Lin communicated with her via English, Chinese and simple Korean during recording. Jimmy treated them to a dinner before recording. Nara’s father accompanied her on the trip. JJ Gave her a present and Nara gave him her new album hoping that they will collaborate again the future.

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