Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Show Luo soldiers on with work despite illness

Album sales of Taiwanese singer Show Luo, also dubbed the Asian King of Dance, had been doing well in recent years. The singer made his debut in the Japanese music industry with a new Japanese single Dante, a month ago on Feb 15. The single entered the Japanese Oricon Top 10 Chart on the first week of its release, and has sold up to 25,000 copies today.

At a promotional activity for this Japanese single yesterday, the 34-year-old singer let on that he was down with a terrible cold and burst an artery in his eye due to the coughing fits. Despite his illness, Show insisted on carrying out a LIVE performance to thank his fans -- and a group of 30 Japanese fans who travelled to the country to show their support -- for bracing the 14-degrees rainy weather to attend the event at Ximending, Taiwan. He also specially went down stage to shake their hands.

Show also shared his thoughts about the recent promotional tour in Japan and let on that he had screamed because he was so happy, as it was his first time seeing his own poster on the streets of Japan. Show added that when he saw his music video playing in Shibuya, he ran around happily and shouted at the top of his voice.

The singer also revealed that he had fulfilled one of his wishes by recording a Japanese single, and has finished recording his next Japanese single.


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