Sunday, April 22, 2012

Show Luo has a penchant for wearing women's clothes?

TAIPEI: Taiwan singer Show Luo revealed Thursday during a charity event that he is very in tune with his feminine side, and has a penchant for wearing women's clothing at home, reported Taiwan media.

"At home, I would sometimes wear women's clothes and would put cream on my legs as well as wear loose socks. I don't evade this issue because I think I am a little effeminate deep down!" said Luo, adding that he owns about eight lacy night gowns.

Luo further revealed that his feminine habits sometimes got him into trouble with one of his ex-girlfriends – Luo's girlfriends mistook the women's clothes in his room as the possessions of another woman, and thought he was cheating on her.

"Those who wish to be my girlfriend must take special note of my personal habits," quipped Luo.

The singer-television host explained that his effeminate habits may have been the result of his upbringing. "My mother really liked [to have] a daughter but only gave birth to me, so my mother would dress me up like a girl and the neighbours would call me Little Sister Luo," said Luo, who would dress up in his mother's clothes when he was younger.

However, the star was quick to clarify that he will man up if the situation calls for it. "When I am doing charity or protecting my family members, I am very 'Man'!" said Luo.

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