Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nicky Wu's drama extras rumoured to have been brutally murdered

Heng Dian World Studios in China is a hotspot for the production of period dramas, with Nicky Wu currently working on Legend of the White-Haired Maiden at the location. In recent days, shocking rumours about alleged murders near the vicinity have surfaced.

Two female mainland Chinese extras who were having dinner with the crew were reportedly on their way home when they mysteriously disappeared. They were raped and dismembered, with their body parts being scattered in various areas. The extras also allegedly had their breasts cut off.

Nicky was approached for confirmation of the matter but denied all rumours. "I don't know about it and have never heard of it." A representative from his management also responded on their micro-blog with "The rumour of the rape cum murder of female actresses are untrue."

His female cast members Christine Ng and Katy Kung also refuted the claims, sharing "I've never heard of it, but it sounds scary. Actually, whenever I film overseas. I'll be extra careful. I'll get a male colleague to accompany me when I go out - he can protect me and carry my bags!"

Actress Leung Ka Ki was the only exception as she admitted knowing about the rumours and added "(my) colleagues have warned me against wearing shorts out."
Security personnel also denied any knowledge of the rumours, with a lone driver sharing "Stop asking (about the matter) - if you do, you'll get into trouble."

In response to the rumours, the producers have announced "Everything is fine, filming is going well. (These are) unfounded rumours."



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