Thursday, October 11, 2012

Moon and Stars for You

TV Show: Moon and Stars for You (English title) / I'll Give You The Stars and The Moon (literal title)
Korean name: 별도 달도 따줄게
Director: Jeon Sung-Hong
Writer: Hong Young-Hee
Network: KBS
Episodes: 100+
Release Date: May 7, 2012 --

Synopsis and thoughts (spoilers):

This Korean drama is about family, the conflicts that happen within a family and the realization that family no matter the conflicts is really the only pillar that can support them; healing a broken family. As it is a family drama, there are not only many episodes, but also quite a few storylines – on each of the characters.

The main couple consists of Seo Jin-woo and Han Chae-won. Chae-won is a smart capable baker and researcher, concocting new and interesting breads and is a daughter from a rich family. Jiin-woo is a doctor from not so well to do family, who was on his way to becoming a successful surgeon when he injured his hand while saving Chae-won from a fall. His then girlfriend, Cha Gyong-joo, did not know of the incident and just assumed that he was not ambitious enough. Having come from a poor and broken family, Gyong-joo has always wanted to climb to corporate ladder and become very successful. When she assumes that Jin-woo is lacking ambition, she breaks up with him even though they were planning to get married. Not understanding Gyong-joo’s way of thinking, Jin-woo tries to woo her back but to no avail. He finally gives up and gradually falls in love with Chae-won (who had a crush on him).

Meanwhile Gyong-joo gets a job at a food company and falls in love with the president’s son, Han Min-hyeok. Unbeknownst to her, Min-hyeok is actually Chae-won’s older brother and the head of marketing (which is her department). Chae-won and Gyong-joo have a very unpleasant relationship. They were in the same high school. Gyong-joo was always jealous of Chae-won’s good results and rich background, so much so that she locked Chae-won out on the roof on a stormy night that almost cost Chae-won her life. Since that day the two girls never met, until Gyong-joo enters her father’s company.

Being the gracious person that she is Chae-won tried giving Gyong-joo many chances to admit her mistake and apologise, but the latter refused and their relationship deteriorated. That is until Gyong-joo realized that she was Min-hyeok’s younger sister – she tried to make up with Chae-won (seemed to be a pretense though). All seemed fine, even to the extent that Min-hyeok and Gyong-joo were planning to get married. At this time, Chae-won was already dating Jin-woo.

However, Min-hyeok found out that Gyong-joo and Jin-woo were once a couple and thought that it was their plot to cheat his family so he broke off with her and cancelled their wedding. It is at this point that we realize that Min-hyeok doesn’t really love Gyong-joo as much as his position in his father’s company. His father wants him to marry someone from a powerful family that will help him in business.

Having come to love Min-hyeok (though I think she loved his status and money more) Gyong-joo was devastated and wanted to wreck havoc in Min-hyeok’s life. We learn that Min-hyeok is actually adopted; he had lost his memory after a drowning incident when he was young and was saved by Chae-won’s father. Ever since he was brought home, his adoptive mother had never taken a liking to him and always thought that he was trying to steal Chae-won’s position in the company. This fear made the mother conspire with her younger brother to find ways and means to kick Min-hyeok out of the company or to lessen his power.

Using this piece of information, Gyong-joo works together with the uncle to conspire against Min-hyeok by leaking out confidential research on the company’s upcoming wheat bread. They are almost successful and Min-hyeok is almost stripped of his position, but Chae-won manages to salvage the situation beautifully. After that incident, the uncle ended up in a very precarious position. He is a man that desperately wants to be acknowledged by his brother-in-law and thinks that Min-hyeok who is not a blood relation is a hindrance to him, so he has been finding all ways to get rid of him. Actually the conspiracy was not only to dethrone Min-hyeok, he also wanted to take over the company; usurping his brother-in-law - fact that even his sister seems to be unaware of.

After the failure and embarrassment, the mother actually starts to soften up towards Min-hyeok. It is more towards Min-hyeok’s favor when Chae-won marries Jin-woo and moves into his family home, giving Min-hyeok more interaction at home more with the mother. It is at this point that Min-hyeok starts to regain his memories and realizes that he is actually Jin-woo’s older brother who drowned and was assumed for dead!

Overwhelmed with the information, Min-hyeok is caught between wanting to acknowledge his real family and not wanting to lose his current position and lifestyle. He chooses position over family, and is starting to become a heartless character. But I am sure he will realize his mistakes and come around soon (I hope). The rest of the family on both sides (Min-hyeok/Chae-won and Jin-woo) especially Jin-woo’s family, are mostly there to relieve the tension that goes on in the dream with all the serious stuff, be it comical or a heart-warming one.


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