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Les Miserables (Movie)

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The story happened in 1815 and it is about a convict name Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman) being ill-treated like a slave and eventually broke out of prison and started a new life under another identity. The prison guard Javert (Russell Crowe) swears he will bring the escaped convict to justice.

Eight years later, he becomes a factory owner and a mayor. Fantine, one of his worker is dismissed from work after they discover that she had an illegitimate daughter. In the end, she is forced into prostitution because of the debts and the need to support her daughter. During an argument with an abusive customer, Javert, now a police inspector arrests Fantine. But Valijean intercepted and takes her to the hospital.

Later on, Valijean learns that a man who was believed to be him is arrested. Unable to condemn a innocent man, he revealed his identity to the court before leaving for the hospital. There he promises a dying Fartine that he will look after her daughter. After avoiding Javert, Valjean finds Cosette and pays the Thenardiers to allow him to take her, and promises to be a father to her. 
Nine years later, they go back to the city but the place is in chaos with revolutions to overthrow the government. In the midst of the chaos, Cosette meets her prince charming, a student revolutionist, and they fall in love. Valijean, on the other hand, faces being caught by Javert and is caught in a dilemma - to reveal his real identity to Cosette.
My Thoughts
The storyline was good and I like how the story progress after Hugh Jackman escaped from the prison. Initially, i was not used to the play and was tickled by the way they used singing in every conversations. Since it is a classic play, I held my laughter and prevented myself from busting out loud. However, as the story progressed, it felt so magical and I got drawn into the plot bit by bit.

I really admire the writer and the person who composed the songs. It is no easy feat to compose the rhythm and the lyrics which rhymes. I also like the visual and sound effect of this movie. Especially, the part where Javert falls into the ocean and the fighting scene.

Hugh Jackman is a really good actor and I was impressed with his natural acting ability. His acting was so convincing that it touches my heart. I also like his character in this movie because he refused to let a innocent man suffer in his place and confessed to the court by shouting his prison number - 21076. He portrayed a man that know how to love others and in the end gets rewarded by being loved. He gave all of himself for the blissfulness of Cosette.

Anne Hathaway who plays Fantine is an amazing actress. Her acting was so impressionable despite only appearing in the first half of the movie. 
I would recommend this drama to all who had not watch the movie and do not mind sitting in the cinema for three hours.


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