Tuesday, July 02, 2013

One of a Kind: G-Dragon in Singapore (Final Night)

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G-Dragon One of a Kind Tour Singapore
If you didn’t know (or read), I was actually having buyer's regret about the cost of the tickets. Due to peer pressure persuasion, I actually bought the (most expensive) tickets for the concert. Not knowing what to expect and wanting to get my money’s worth, I arrived at the Singapore Indoor Stadium armed with only my iPhone (so sorry for the poor quality photos and videos, Jong has very clear and nice photos so don't forget to check out her blog!) with some form of anticipation. It did help that a few of my Korean language classmates (some of whom are BIG fans and went for both nights) were there.

G-Dragon One of a Kind Tour Singapore

As expected, there were a lot of people but the crowd control was nicely done – fast and efficient. For example, our tickets were at the north entrance, but the as there was a crowd forming and I just so happened to be at the East gate where there were lesser people, the nice security guard actually advised/encourage those were to be at the North gate that they could enter via the East gate instead. Getting into the stadium was also a breeze as the security check was swift and smooth – enter, open bag, look into back (and if there’s nothing like DSLRs), into the stadium you go. Security and ushers were cordial and professional too, much better than the ones at the Kim Jong Kook Fanmeeting and on par to the ones at the MBLAQ concert in Taipei.

The concert started pretty much on time and it begun with a bang (literally), popping out from a white glittering, (much) cool looking Batmobile-esque vehicle and starting off the concert with... Read more>>


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