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Running Man episode 154

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This was the second half of the Asian dream cup special and from this Shang Hai trip, i get to know another humorous guest who is just as funny and sporty as Park Ji Sung. I was so excited about this episode, what about you?

As we know last episode winner was the Green team, now Jong Kook and his team have to accept the punishment. What is the punishment? Haha... wearing fashionable winter clothes and acessories in a hot summer day at Incheon  Airport! Kim Jong Kook was asked to deliver a promise he had made with Sulli regarding an earlier episode where he promised to be her slave in exchange for her nametag. Oh Ji Hyo look like a pretty model while Ji suk Jin look like G-dragon or should I say 'Ji-Dragon?' Lol.

Sulli was of course shy and reluctant to order Jong Kook oppa around since he is afterall her senior in the music industry. However, Yoo Jae Suk whispered in her ear and urged her to order Jong Kook around and even use informality on him. To which, Kim Jong Kook retorts,"hyung, what has this got to do with you?" Anyway, their first mission is to buy a packet of cuttle fish for the other team and only when their 'master' allows, then they can remove the winter clothes. lol.

Ji Suk Jin was the first to run to the convience store to buy cuttle fish followed by kwang soo and Jong Kook. I was'nt surprised when kwang Soo leave Jong Kook to settle his bill while he ran back to the destination. Gary opened up the packet of cuttle fish and fed some to Ji Hyo but the latter refused to eat. Gary exclaimed,"I feed you and you don't want to eat?" That was hilarious. What follows  after this was even funnier, when he order Ji Hyo to face the crowds and shout, " Gary, i want you!" Ji Hyo was blushing and was embarassed with all the attention and cheers. How i wish i am there at the moment to witness that. haha.

Finally, the Running Man board the plane and arrive at Shang Hai press conference. We can see the two teams teasing and joking with one another. After that, the Running Man arrived at the Restuarant. Yoo Jae Suk jokingly said that Jong Kook did not sleep well becasue of jetlag. To which Jong Kook replied," how to have jetlag when the time difference is only 1 hour?" haha. We were in for another surprised when Erva (the footballer for Mancaster United) came as a guest. Then, we were shown videos of the two buddies Park Ji Sung and Erva. We can see that they have great friendship to count on. It was interesting that Erva keeps grinning and groofing around, showing his white pearls every now and then. When Erva was asked to guess Ji Suk Jin and Lee Kwang Soo age, Ji Suk Jin was pleased that he look younger than his age. What about Kwang Soo? He actually said that Kwang Soo is 42 years old! lol. Then they proceed to ask what type of role do they want during the soccer match. Jong Kook replied that he has no preference, to which Yoo Jae Suk said, " Then order for us Jiajangmyeon!" That was a nice one, consideing how health consious Jong Kook is.

Subsequently, Jong Kook help to paste the nametag on Erva back and the latter surprisingly turned away and said,"No idiot." As it turned out, Park Ji Sung did fool with him using Korean words. Therefore, it makes sense for Erva to be more cautious. Anyway, down to the first game! Is that Chun Li that delivers the game set into the room? Oh, that was a misunderstanding because that is Maknae FD and Erva look on in amazement at his cosplay. The team have to take turn to roll the dice and play the world game. (basically a board game with different countries and mission written on it).

Erva Team have to play ddakji game and Kwang Soo said that Jong Kook is the king of  ddakji. Yoo Jae Suk immediately opposed and said that he is the rightful one. Is that Ji Suk Jin new found talent? He seem to be able to catch the ddakji that was bounce back when hit the floor. Despite his catching skills, he could not flip the ddakji. Subsequently, only Jong Kook succeed. Their only hope Erva did well for his first attempt as he flip the ddakji over in one shot!

Captain Park team have to kick the ball into a vase at a distance. All of them missed and some were so close yet so far as the ball were seen bouncing off the vase. Finally, it was Ji Sung turn and Erva hilarously made funny face as he placed his head near the vase to distract him. Captain Park failed eventually and they have to return back some coins to Chun Li.

The next game is a miniature table soccer match between the captains. They have to use a straw to blow the ball to the opponent direction and score a goal. This game was so well thought of that it was simply funny watching them blow the ball to and fro. Erva won the first match and Park Ji Sung won the second match. Now they were all exhuasted and Erva even jokingly said that he is tired and is going back to rest now. They took a break and their team members started to massaged their hands before the final match. Erva was so funny when he call out a penalty ball by Ji Sung and attempted to blow the ball into the goal at a shorter distance. However, Park Ji Sung is not a pushover as he competitively defended the ball and even struck his straw in between the goal to fend off erva attack. The third round, Park Ji Sung won and they were sporty about it.

Time for Erva team to roll the dice again and we can see the spiky mat been pushed to the front. Oh, no are they going do rope jumping on those mats again? Indeed, they have to jump fifty times to complete the mission. Surprisingly Erva jumped on the spiky mat in ease, as through that is a smooth surface. Except that when he finishes, he bounced back in pain! LoL..Ji Sung team rolled the dice again and it was captain challenge again. This time round, they have to use their head to hit the ball to their team mates. Gary and Park Ji Sung did well for the practice but failed to do as well for the actual competition. Kwang Soo on the other hand did pretty well with Erva. Jong Kook praised Erva of being a better guest than Park Ji Sung, to which he countered, "Even if you were given the ticket, you may not get to play afterall." ohoh..

The next scene brought us to the stadium where they will be playing the soccer match in the evening. Then, we saw a familar machine at the corner. Oh, each team will stand in a line, while the opposite team will kick the ball at their direction. They will only considered pass when they smiled together at the camera. The PD said to them, " Just smile at the camera." and the Running Man were opposing to the idea since how can they smile when they see the ball moving towards them? Anyway, back to the field as Ji Sung kick the ball at Erva team. I got to stop myself from laughing loud when i saw Kwang Soo expression. Even Erva was 'disgusted' with the toad expression and considered him as the black hole.

I thought Kwang Soo is already so funny and i did not expect Yoo Jae Suk to be so funny too. His expression when he dodge the ball were simply too hilarous. Both teams failed even after several tries and Erva team tried a new tactic and that is to divulge the attention away with Jong Kook and Kwang Soo pretending to kick the ball when actually Ji Hyo is supposed do a surprise attack on Captain Park team. However, Ji Hyo only managed to give a frail kick to the ball which enedup just a short distance away from where she is standing.

Congratulation to Erva team as they were the first to complete the mission. Now both team leaders were given two tickets each. Who will participate in the match? Ji Sung choose Yoo Jae Suk and Haha (since Gary tried last year), Erva picked Kwang Soo and Jong Kook on his side. They were send to the changing room to prepare for the soccer match. Yoo Jae Suk and HaHa were visibly nervous as they sat on the bench looking at the china team. They started to take photo with each other to dissolve the akwardness.

It was in the evening, The Running Man followed Park Ji Sung and did their warm up exercise. The first participant is Kim Jong Kook and he did his best to pass the ball to his team mates. However, he did some mistake with the dribbling and lost the ball to the opponent. HaHa exclaimed, " Jong Kook hyung only like soccer is'nt he? He can't play soccer." Yoo Jae Suk replied, "If he is like that, what about us?"

At the audience seats, Ji Hyo, Ji Suk Jin, Gary and Sulli were cheering them on. The next to be called is Kwang Soo and he did well too and even attempted to head drive the ball coming his way by jumping. But not high enough to hit the ball. He even get kicked at the butt by Captain Park. HaHa uses his short legs to kick the ball and he did morderately well. However, he refused to kick a pentalty ball and pass the chance to the final player - Yoo Jae Suk.  Without glasses, his vision is not as clear but he surprises me when he almost score a goal at the top righhand corner, if only the ball did not hit the goal post and bounced off.

Park Ji Sung was the only one that scored a goal that night and secured a win for the korean team. Erva also played actively in the match and had the least rest as he ran around the field enthusiatically. Finally, a closing speech by Yoo Jae Suk, HaHa and Kwang Soo and we end this episode with a smile.

My Thoughts

Can we have more soccer players guests in Running Man? They were simply amazing and fun loving people. Although Park Ji Sung and Erva were from different countries, race and language, they still overcome their language barriers and became good buddies. That alone is worth every compliments and i can see the brotherhood between them. Park Ji Sung was seen translating to Erva during conversations.

The phototaking session was so funny and creative. Kwang Soo and Yoo Jae Suk were funny beyond words. How not to laugh out loud at those pictures and their facial expressions? I must say that it is a pity that Gary miss this chance but hey he did participate last year. Among them, only Ji Suk Jin did not participate at all. However, that makes sense since he is the 'weakest and the eldest' among them. He may get tired more easily than others. Furthermore, Erva is the one that choose the people to participate.

Jong Kook failed in soccer does not surprise me anymore but compare to last year, he did better this time. At least he passed the ball to his team mate, not the opponent. However, he disappeared pretty fast without explaination on where he goes after the match. Some says that he is injured while others say that he need to go back to Korea to record his other programme. Anyway, he just disappeared after his turn.

Kwang Soo, HaHa and Yoo Jae Suk tried their best too. Although, they intially have doubts about themselves especially after they saw the performance of Spartakook, they did tried their best and performed pretty well for they are not professional soccer players to begin with. Yoo Jae Suk oppa, i wish you could score that goal for Running Man but it is ok because we have next year to look forward too. For the time being, Running Man need to brush up on their skills for the challenges ahead of them. Fighting! :)


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