Friday, August 02, 2013

R.E.D 2 (Preview Screening)

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Just before R.E.D 2 hit the cinemas on August 1 in Singapore cinemas, I had the opportunity to watch the preview screening at Shaw Lido and I have to say that it is a movie not to be missed! R.E.D 2 was easy to follow and the characters simple to understand even having not watched its prequel R.E.D. I saw the trailer for R.E.D 2 and found it interesting (enough to watch it and I do not regret watching it!).

R.E.D actually means “Retired, Extremely Dangerous”. So it should be no surprise that the characters are not your ordinary retired government personnel (aka spies) but retired top agents who once dealt with the most covert/top secret/black bag operations. Just like the first installment, the premise of R.E.D 2 revolves around the same retired agents trying to adapt to day-to-day life, with a few new... Read more>>


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