Saturday, September 14, 2013

DramaQueen Pick: Top Ten Turbo Songs

I am in the mood for old school music recently and Turbo immediately came into my mind. Those weird looking hair, oversized baggy clothes and sunglasses which looks like goggles were their trademarks. These were considered fashions during those days and they were establishing their own style at that time. In fact, they were the first batch of Kpop idols in the 90's that created a storm throughout Asia with their music.Some things never grow old, especially when music is concerned, it just brings back memories of the past. I will always remember those days when i sang their songs in the bathroom and was impressed with their music video.

1) December

2) Jazz Bar
3) Twist King
4) Black Cat Nero
5) My Childhood Dream
6) Goodbye Yesterday
7) White Love
8) Cyber Lover
9) Forbidden Game
10)Love is


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