Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The main cast of Rich Man, Poor Woman

Oguri Shun as Hyuga Toru
I came to know about Oguri Shun as an actor when he acted in Hana Yori Dango as Hanazawa Rui. That was many years ago and I remembered him as the pretty boy that has great potential. During that time, I even thought that he look better than Jun Matsumoto. However, Matsumoto Jun won me over with his acting as Domyouji. In this drama, I think Oguri Shun did portray a little bit of characteristic of Domyouji in Rich Man, Poor Woman. For example, their rich man status, low EQ and 'sadistic behavior'.

Oguri Shun as Hanazawa Rui

Oguri Shun had grown and mature into a credible actor throughout these years. He had built a good profile in his acting career; however I only managed to catch his other drama -Tokyo Dogs. The main problem is that he keeps starring with charming actors such as Matsumoto Jun and Mizushima Hiro; therefore he has to share the limelight with them. In events like this, Oguri Shun tend to be overlooked and forgotten that he is such a great actor. Therefore, I am glad that Oguri Shun was the only main actor in Rich Man, Poor Woman. His character as the young attractive genius billionaire suits his image and charisma.

Oguri Shun and wife Yamada Yu

I heard that this is his first romance-comedy drama after he get married and he did well enough to achieve the best lead actor award in Japan. He is able to handle comical moments and switch to emotional outburst during the show and that is amazing. I think Oguri Shun is a charismatic actor that has screen presence and he is also one of the tallest leading actors in Japan entertainment industry. Hope to see him involve in romance-comedy projects because he is really good in that.

Ishihara Satomi as Natsui Makoto

Ishihara Satomi is the new leading actress in Japan but I did not watch her previous drama for me to comment anything. I definitely find her cute and pretty, with a little resemblance to Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin. When I watch Rich Man, Poor Woman, I was reminded of their similarity. Perhaps it is because of their lips or the way they act in drama which leads to the connection. I really like to watch It started with a kiss and Rich Man, Poor woman has some similarity with that drama too. However, I prefer Ishihara Satomi looks, acting and character in this drama more than Ariel Lin in - It started with a kiss.

Chemistry - Killer smiles couple

This onscreen couple is one of the top three best pairing in my list Their chemistry in this drama is really one of the best i have ever seen. In addition, their characters were likeable and easy to root for. I have been waiting during the past 11 episodes for them to get together and the ending was really good. Therefore, all the waiting for the kettle to boil is worth it after all.

Iura Arata as Aashina

Arata is a good actor and I was amazed that he is able to handle a vicious character really well. I really wanted to slap and punch him when he betrayed Hyuga. That smug look on his face was disgusting and all the while he tried to portray himself as a good man. That is a two face monster to begin with; therefore, I am glad that he repented towards the end. He had great chemistry with Hyuga and is the first person that appreciates his talent.

Aibu Saki as Yoko

Aibu Saki acts as the love rival of Makoto to gain the affection of Hyuga. However, no matter how hard she tries, she cannot capture the heart of her dream guy. I was a little puzzled as to why she gave up so fast? All the while, she has been making the move on Hyuga and suddenly she realized that it is impossible for them to be a couple? Nonetheless, Yoko is not really a villain in the show, more like a bridge for Makoto and Hyuga to get together. Anyway, I like it that she is the one that follows Hyuga for the trip to Makoto family and to visit his mother restaurant.

Asari Yosuke as Yasuoka

It is cute and funny of Yasuoka to wear shirts that has his name on it whenever he works in Next Innovation. His character in this drama was impressionable and funny. Hope to see more of him in dramas.


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