Friday, October 11, 2013

Running Man Episode 165

After watching this episode of Running Man, i begin to envy the fan girl Hye Min who gave a book to The Running Man staff. How fun it is to have a chance to participate in one episode of Running Man. It shows that The Running Man team did appreciate their fans and will even plan a surprise visit for her.

Early in the morning, the Running Man cast gathered at Kwang Soo hometown and their first mission is hid behind an autograph booth at a remote area in the countryside. The first person who gets thirty popularity votes will proceed to the next location. HaHa stated that the betrayal trio will be the last; on the other hand, Kwang Soo is confident about his popularity.

They all waited behind the booth until Kim Jong Kook begins to fall asleep on the table. Eventually, people started to notice the booth and went in to take a look. Song Ji Hyo gets the most number of votes judging that most of the votes were from the male fans. Those who did not get chosen will stamp on the card which stated 'Out of Stock.' Lee Kwang Soo resorted to moving his autograph booth to some where near the road and an auntie saw him. He told her to pretend not to see him and she did what she was told to Kwang Soo surprise. The Running Man came out with the idea to draw on each other faces to gather votes for themselves. Ji Hyo and Jae Suk won the first game and proceed to the next location about the same time.

One by one, all the Running Man arrived at a Furniture company and they were clueless about the mission. Kwang Soo who arrived last was puzzled with the mission and he found the place familiar. He grasps to the camera and asked, “Is this a hidden camera?" It turned out that this furniture company belonged to his father. Upon gathering the news, they set out to look for Kwang Soo father. Soon, the Running Man arrived at the office and greeted Kwang Soo father. When Kwang Soo saw Kim Jong Kook, he pointed at him and said,"Appa. This is the hyung that always hit me!" Kim Jong Kook face turns red and look embarrassed.

The next mission is to look for a book in the shop and the Running Man immediately rushed out to look for the book. Eagle eyes Ji Hyo found it first but was stopped by the rest of the members. Eventually, they decided to look at the book together. After that, they all choose a picture and make their way to the next mission. Gary and Ji Hyo arrived at a place where they see many people flying the kites and Ji Hyo found the hints first when she notice a kite that looks different from others. Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin arrived at a library and they compete with each other as the questions were asked regarding the books which they read. Jae Suk gets the correct answer, followed by Ji Suk Jin.

On the other hand, HaHa, Kwang Soo and Kim Jong Kook who choose the same card ride in Kwang Soo father car. Over here, they have to challenge the staple expert and Kwang Soo cheated by switching the staple with her. In turn, she switches the staple with Kim Jong Kook. HaHa won the game and proceed to the next mission. Kim Jong Kook and Kwang Soo wrestled with each other and Kwang Soo top is stripped naked!

The next mission requires the Running Man to climb up the wall and get the hints attached to the balloon. The higher they climb, the better the hints. Yoo Jae Suk climbed very fast and reached for the balloon but was fearful when he comes down, Gary and Ji Hyo were doing fine, except for Ji Suk Jin that was left alone and was fearful. Ji Hyo offered to give him her hint and she climb up the wall again to obtain the hint at the top. Unable to understand the hint, Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin suggested following the 'leaders' (Monday Couple).

Finally, Jong Kook and Kwang Soo arrived at the venue but the rest of the Running Man had gone to look for the Running Man fan girl around the apartment estate. Left with these two hints, they had no choice but to climb up the wall. Kwang Soo looked like he is spiting on Jong Kook hyung at the top. Because of his mischievous behavior, he was 'punished' for his action as the balloon dropped to his lower body and drop it on the floor as he go down. Kim Jong Kook saw the opportunities and ran away with the hint. LOL.

However, Jong Kook misinterpreted the hint and headed to Seoul while the rest of the cast were searching for the mysterious girl. The Monday couple found the apartment first and we get to see the fangirl Hye Min room that was decorated with Giraffe Kwang Soo things. It turned out that the girl is a fan of Lee Kwang Soo. That was really touching and the expression on Kwang Soo face is priceless.

After getting the information which they needed, they went to the middle school to look for Hye Min. Over there, the last mission is to find the original fan book, take a picture with Hye Min and paste it on the last page. The cast begin the search in the office and Gary managed to find it. The other members were suspicious of Gary when they could not find him and gave chase when they saw him.

Kwang Soo found the fan girl and her friends in one of the classroom and she innocently asked Kwang Soo what she must do so that he could win. Oh! That was so endearing and cute of Hye-Min. Soon, the other members noticed her presence and gave chase as she ran away. At the corridor, she met Spartakook! However, she managed to escape as the Running Man rushed to take picture with her.

In the end, Gary managed to take a picture with Hye-Min and ran to the staircase. The book was shuffle back and fore and finally Gary grabs it and ran away. He was able to paste his picture on the book but he missed the last page. At this moment, Impala Ji Suk Jin torn the last page and pasted his photo on it. Finally, Ji Suk Jin won an individual game after so many episodes. Back at the classroom, Hye-Min was visibly disappointed. Yoo Jae Suk joked that Hye Min can like other guys when along the way as she grows older, and Kwang Soo immediately say with a chuckle, "No, if you like someone else, oppa will kill you!"


Congratulation to Big Nose Hyung for the first individual win! I like this episode as the ideas was good and the Running Man team did a fan service by making it into an episode. I do envy Hye Min for being able to participate in Running Man. She fulfilled the Running Man Fans dream in this episode.

I was a little surprised that Kim Jong Kook was lost in this episode, perhaps his image was too strong and when he made mistakes it was hard to believe. Anyway, he still looks good and he seems to head to the direction of playing for fun and entertainment instead of being competitive. That was good from a variety point of view to be funny and all; however I think Kim Jong Kook still need to play a more active Spartakook role in Running Man.

Lee Kwang Soo is the main character in this episode as we were introduced to his dad who is tall and good looking. From his home town, to his father company and all the way to his fan Hye Min, everything revolves around Kwang Soo. That was great and i really enjoyed every single moment of Running Man.


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