Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Running Man in Beijing interview

(HaHa, Gary, Kim Jong Kook, Ji Suk Jin)

Q1: Please greet the RM fans!

JK: One by one? Let’s start from Hyung then.

SJ: Hello everyone I’m JSJ from RM, glad to see all of you!

Gary: Hello I’m Gary from RM, glad to see you!

JK: Hello! I’m KJK, nice to see you!

Haha: Hello I’m Haha from RM, nice to see you! (Doll: *dizzy*)

All: Annyeonghaseyo everyone!

Q2 part 1: Many members were surprised when they first saw the Great Wall of China, do you have any new feelings this time?

SJ: Ahh I felt pleasantly surprised when I saw the Great Wall of China

Haha: Yeah

JK: The truth is that the Great Wall of China is really magnificent, we were surprised when we saw it. We come to Beijing this time.

SJ: We heard the acrobatics is famous, we really want to see the performance but don’t know whether we have extra free time.

Q3: Gary, do you feel happiest on every Monday?

Gary: Yes, a day that I feel most moved/affected.

JK: Don’t you like Friday the most? You can go clubbing!

Gary: It’s a day that I feel most moved but also a day that I feel stressed, because of love that cannot be achieved/realized. (Caption: Jihyo: *ya! Kang gary! What are you talking about!*)

JK: What are you talking about…hahahaha

Gary: Because of a relationship that can’t turn’s a day where meeting up and saying goodbye coexist.

Q4: First of all congratulations Haha for having a baby boy, do you have any plan for the baby’s future? Does becoming a father change your image?

JK: Just let him grow up like that.

Haha: *sighs* for now I hope that he’s safe and healthy. Health is the most important. I have to cut down on my workload and I can't focus so much on my businesses. Nonetheless, i am fine with that.

Q5: KJK does very well in both variety shows and music. Do you plan to release a new album any time soon?

JK: Ahh about music! As I’m a singer, I’m always preparing. If I make good music I’ll definitely let everyone know. I have an OST in Korea now, many people listen to that.

Q6: Are there any changes on the criteria of your ideal partner compared to last time?

JK: Indeed it’s time for me to get married. Compared to woman that I like, I think she should be the one who can become the mother of my child.

SJ: I understand JK well, if a woman really likes JK, JK will feel touched.

Haha: Indeed it’s easy to court JK. If a woman keeps liking KJK, he’ll eventually fall in love with her.

SJ: If someone likes JK for a long time, she’ll probably get his love.

Haha: It’s really easy.

Q7: “The old hyung in betrayer club”/ “easy brother”/ “wangko” and other many nicknames, which one do you like the most?

SJ: Me? The one I like the most? I like all of them, but prefer Impala.

JK: Because Impala has a club *laughs*

Gary: We’re promoting

SJ: If this is aired everything will be revealed.

JK: *Explains* this is like a joke, a popular term now

Haha: It’s like a joke.

All: Chachachachacha….

Q9: Do you guys always go clubbing?

SJ: Gary always goes clubbing.

Gary: I go there to find musical inspiration.

Haha: His home address is a club now.

SJ: Every card/ receipts he has are all from the clubs.

Gary: If I don’t go clubbing I would have already own several houses.

Haha: This Hyung goes to gym.

JK: You (Haha) are from the daddy club.

Q10: Jacky Chan has filmed with you, are there any other Chinese celebrities that you hope to cooperate with?

All: Andy Lau, Stephen Chow, Chow Yun Fat. Stephen Chow*jjang*

SJ: We are all Stephen Chow’s fans.

Haha: Who’s the one with Stephen Chow?

SJ: Ng Man Tat.

JK: Stephen Chow and Ng Man Tat.

Haha: They quarreled right? Are they ok already? Really ok already? *Haha seems excited to know this as a fan* Both of them please make peace again. How good if they can come to RM. That would be our honour.

Q11: Lastly, is there anything you want to tell the RM fans in china?

JK: Hyung please stop eating!

SJ: This tastes really good. What do you call this?

Interviewer: Fu lu shou xi.

SJ: We come to Beijing for this RM Fan meeting..many people like us, we feel really thankful.

Gary: First of all thank you, like how everyone likes us and treasures us, I’ll do my best in Korea too. Please don’t change(stop “liking” us), please. *sings: because I love all of you*

JK: To all those who like us from China so far away, thank you. Whatever we do we won’t forget all of you. We’ll continue to do our best, thank you.

Haha: It would be better that other members of RM: Jaesuk Hyung, Kwangsoo and Jihyo also come together. If we have the opportunity, we would definitely love to come to China meeting up with the fans again. We really will try hard/ do our best. Thank you everyone.


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