Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Running Man 'Race Start' in Singapore Expo Part I

After lunch, my friends and I went back home to freshen up for the Fan Meeting at Singapore Expo. My friend drove us to Singapore Expo and we ate our dinner at Subway. Finally, it was about time to go into the venue and I took some time to take pictures of the surrounding. I was amazed to find some boxes on the table and it turned out to be presents for the Running Man cast. Looking into the boxes, it seems like Jee Seok Jin has the most number of presents in the box.

Nonetheless, we queue up at the stand as we were ushered in by the staffs. The first impression when I stepped into the venue is that the place look spacious but the seats was rather cramped. There wasn’t much space to move and I felt restricted because of this arrangement. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find some Running Man freebies in a bag and we immediately looked into the bag. That was thoughtful of the organizer to give us at least something to bring home. Likewise, there were commercial onscreen to promote the sponsors for this event. Despite my friend queuing up so early for the Running Man Fanmeet, the first few rows infront of the stage was occupied by the Fanclubs.

The Singapore leg of the Running Man Fan Meeting Asia Tour 2013 was called ‘Watson Race Start!’ in Singapore.’ Organized by the One Channel, over 3000 Running Man fans turned up. Soon, the host Danny Yeo came on stage to warm up the atmosphere and urged the fans to call out, “Running Man!” The lights switched off and the screen showed the Running Man four Flower boys and our pretty main actress Song Ji Hyo. T-Max music ‘Almost Paradise’ played and the four flower boys turned around and strike a dashing pose. Fans were cheering for the Flower boys as they sing the song. Song Ji Hyo dressed in a striking red dress was standing behind the boys and was singing along with them.

The Running Man cast sat on the high stools as the host of the day Danny Yeo conducted a short interview with them. Song Ji Hyo red dress was rather short, fear of any exposure, the staffs caringly took out a white jacket for her to put on her lap. This is the first time Song Ji Hyo joined the ‘Race Start’ fanmeet in Singapore and the host asked for more cheers for her which the audiences gladly obliged. In addition, Danny teased the Running Man cast for being so close and even goes to the toilet together. HaHa smiled and snuggled to Kim Jong Kook who stood beside him.

Danny: Congratulation to Jee Seok Jin for winning the first individual game in episode 165.

JSJ: (Said with a winsome smile) Yes, this is the first time I won an individual race after three years With Running man. Cha, cha cha.. Saranghae Ji Suk Jin.
Danny: Kim Jong Kook Are you a competitive person?

KJK: (Immediately denied) No, I always let them win.

Danny: But they can't win you?
SJH: He is the Hulk.
JSJ, Haha: We betray with Kwang Soo.

Danny: In Singapore we use the word 'Sabo' ( use tricks on others to win)

Everybody: "Sabo"

Danny: This is the third time you came to Singapore, how do you feel?

KJK: Singapore is like my second home. The people here are nice. I be back in December.

Danny: The fans are concern about the tape at your back in Episode 167. Are you alright?

KJK: The tape? Oh it is to protect my back muscles from injuries, I am alright.

Danny: Song Ji Hyo being the only female in the cast, how do you feel?

SJH: I felt great, we are like family.

Danny: Do you face any difficulties?

Gary: She is a superwoman.

Haha: She is stronger than man.

SJH: We are family.

Danny: Gary you kissed Ji Hyo in Running Man!

Gary: (Looking at Ji Hyo) Yes, I was a bit crazy.

Danny: Ji Hyo how do you feel?                                                                                     
(Gary whisper to her ears, Sharp ears KJK overheard everything and exclaimed, " he ask Ji Hyo to say that she feel good!")

SJH: (Blushing) I felt good, we are a family. (Gary fist pump to the air and shouted, "Yes!)

Danny: HaHa this is your second visit to Singapore, how do you feel?

HaHa: I am glad to be in Singapore again.

Danny: What did you eat yesterday?
Gary: Chilli crab
HaHa: Chili crab and pepper crab! (Playfully teased his translator standing beside him)
Danny: What about tonight?

Gary: We are eating chili crab in a club!

KJK: Ji Hyo even quitted smoking because of us!

Danny: We are all part of the Running Man family. (The RM cast agreed)
Danny: Any plans to film Running Man in Singapore?
JSJ: Yes, we will go back to Korea and suggest to our team. We can film at the ferris wheel and some famous tourist place. 
HaHa: Showed his handphone picture of his candid shot with the Merlion. This is a good place to film Running Man.


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