Wednesday, November 06, 2013

DramaQueen's Thoughts on the Running Man Fan Meet and Autograph Session


My thoughts

I thought that the autograph session should include all the Running Man autographs. After all, we did fork out the money for the category one priority tickets. It would have been fair for us to receive all the signatures and meeting all of them onstage. I understand that it will take up some time for them and they need to rush to Singapore expo for rehearsal. However, it is reasonable for people who queue up early like my friend  to purchase the tickets. The organizer should expect a huge number of people crowding the area, , they should have organize the event better, instead of asking us to come back to the queue again, we should be usher into the barricade once we receive the colored tag. I find that the efficiency is lacking in this area. By the time we went back to join the queue, it was extremely hard as we were sandwiched in between people who just wanted to see the Running Man. The staff even have to path a way for the colored tag holders to go through. This type of situation can be avoided if they plan this event properly.  

We were told not to bring out our phone or camera when we go onstage. That was the restriction that I really dislike. I know there are people that took pictures very fast like my friend. Honestly, they should not take the privilege away from us as we did paid for the tickets and should be given a chance to take picture with all of them. Nonetheless, the autograph session proceed on smoothly but we were blocked by security guards on stage. These people blocked my view and prevented me from phototaking when I took out my handphone. Seriously, I was a little pissed off since there are so many restrictions and I was not thinking fast when I met the Running Man onstage. This is the second time i met Kim Jong Kook in an event.  I felt that Jong Kook oppa has sharp features and is very well built. I could not take my eyes off him. Song Ji Hyo seem to keep looking at Kim Jong Kook who was beside her. perhaps, she realized that i am Jong Kook oppa fan? Nonetheless, I am glad to get an autograph from Song Ji Hyo and hugged her. She is really a beauty and her complexion is so good. Actually, all the Running man are charming and have great complexion. They really take effort in looking good and maintaining their youth. I really took my hat off to them all.

Talking about the Fan meet at Singapore expo, the crowds were orderly and there was a merchanize area for fans to buy Running Man items. On the table, we saw boxes with presents inside meant for the individual Running Man members which i thought was rather thoughtful. During entrance, the staffs were pretty fast in checking our bags and we are allowed to bring a reasonably small board or banner into the venue. However, I find that the security was very strict when there are staffs walking at the side and will shine a torchlight if they see any fans videoing or taking photo of the Running Man. I find them annoying because they keep walking around and disturb the fans. There were some fans who raise up the self made board in support of their idols. I saw a person sitting behind complained to the staffs as it blocked her view. Despite that, they still raise up the board occasionally which block the views of others. In addition, I felt that being seated down on the chair restricted our movement. However, we have no choice because all the chairs are placed very closely side by side. If only, there is a standing area for fans to jump and wave without restrictions. That was highly impossible but the finale everyone let their hair down and party at the front.

At the Fan meeting, I was expecting the appearance of The Running Man F4 and the beauty. After all, I had keep track of their 'Race Start' tour in other country too. However, to see it life onstage was totally exciting and hilarious. The four seasoned artistes were engaging enough throughout the two and a half session. Except for Song Ji Hyo who look lost at times and does not have enough experience in this type of event. Her inexperience was make up by the enthusiastic and entertaining Running Man flower four.

With prior experiences as Singers and MC, these four were able to interact with the audience. Kim Jong Kook and the two kids knows how to warm up the atmosphere and take care of the fans seated at the sides. Ji Suk Jin was funny and comical with his karaoke style type of singing during his solo performance. Song Ji Hyo was shy but I like the Monday couple dance and interaction. However, i find that the game session was rather long and is not very entertaining compared to other countries where the fans and Running Man look like they have a lot of fun. Instead of dragging these ordinary games for too long, they should move on to performances which by the way was awesome! Song Ji Hyo was obviously lost when she join in the finale songs and really need the guidance of Kim Jong Kook and 'PaPa' Ji Seok Jin who mostly positioned in the middle. It gave me the feeling that Jong Kook oppa is like a Mother Hen looking after his chicks. Lol!

I like Kim Jong Kook showing his Choco abs and that was sexy and hot! I am in fangirling mode again but it was not a surprise since he had done that many times. The throwing of flowers and splashing of water really rise up the temperature of the Fan meet but it caused some chaotic situations because of that. Fans were snatching for the towels which HaHa threw and those flowers. I understand that the fans wanted those things desperately but it should not be at the expense of personal safety. I even read articles that fans fainted in autograph session which I felt weird. Is that necessary?

Finally, I saw some pictures of the Running Man cast partying in Zouk. The Monday couple is famously known to be party king and queen. That was rather interesting and it would be nice if we get to meet this pair during clubbing. Running Man please come back again and we hope to see you soon. A big thank you to all my Running Man fans pals for this memorable day.


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