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Drama Review: TVB Drama - Triumph in the Skies 2


Samuel Tong (Francis Ng) resided in the UK to spend a long vacation following his wife's death. After encountering Holiday "Holly" Ho (Fala Chen), a wanderer whose boyfriend died in an aviation accident, he ends his vacation early after finally making the cake that he made for his deceased wife, Zoe, he returns to Hong Kong, and joins Skylette Airlines as a pilot to fly again. He meets Captain Jayden "Captain Cool" Koo (Julian Cheung), and the two exhibit two distinct personalities, with Sam being reserved and Jayden being a man who likes to attract attention. Respectively, the two get emotionally entangled with Holiday, who arrives in Hong Kong to apply for pilot training (PPP - Pre-pilot Project). 

Moreover, Sam becomes a training captain to assess Jayden, leading to a competition between the two for both career and love. Jayden's younger sister Summer Koo (Myolie Wu) is an aircraft maintenance technician, and she bears grudges against her brother due to an unhappy experience during her childhood. Issac Tong (Ron Ng), due to Summer physically resembling his sister-in-law Zoe so much, cannot turn a blind eye on it, so at last, he helps settle the dispute between Summer and her brother. Summer has a crush on Issac, yet Issac restrains himself from taking another step forward in order to avoid evoking Sam's grief. In the end, the misunderstanding causes Summer to think that she was only treated like Zoe (Sam's deceased wife) in Issac's eyes. 

First Officer Roy Ko (Kenneth Ma) has two girlfriends and cannot make up his mind as he does not bear to hurt anyone. After sharing his secret with Heather Fong (Elena Kong), a senior purser, Roy and she become close associates, and the two even have a one night stand. Jim Jim (Him Law), who used to represent Hong Kong in swimming, plans to retire and enroll in flight training, where he falls in love with CoCo Ling (Nancy Wu), who is to be a surrogate mother for her friend. With the planes taking-off and landing, stories of sorrow, parting, joyfulness and re-encounters have been constituted.

Triumph in the Skies 2 theme song by George Lam
Triumph in the Skies 2 trailer


Triumph in the Skies 2 is an overrated drama by TVB in my opinion. True enough the first series of Triumph to the Skies was a great success. Therefore, the media generated a lot of hypes about this drama been the biggest TVB drama of the year. The production crew recruited some good actors and actresses such as Francis, Julian Cheung, Myolie Wo, Fala Chen, Ron Ng and Kenneth Ma under their wings. 

I have great anticipation for this drama initially. However, I was neither excited nor fascinated by this drama after watching it. At the most, i find it an average TVB drama that is worth mentioning. Yes, I tried not to compare with the former but it is a continuation from the first series isn't it?

The story development is rather messy. Fala Chen keep shuffling between Francis and Julian characters. The supporting characters side stories were rather complicated too. I think the pacing of the drama was weird and certain parts were too draggy. The focus is always shifting everywhere in the story line. The first few episodes tried to link the story with the first series but it felt rather forced. Gradually, the story focus on some technical terms for the airplane and some situations which can happen when flying a plane. Subsequently, the officer exams and some stories of the trainees were thrown into the story line to make the drama more interesting.

There were complains about the 'sex scene' in the drama. I have to agree that to a certain extend, some parts were over-the-top and even dramatic at times. However, these scenes were to showcase Jayden Koo playboy image and is also part of the plot. As for the technical terms used for the airplane, I have no comment since I have no idea either. George Lam who sang the theme song for the drama received negative feedback for being old fashion and the song does not match the drama. In my opinion, i prefer Eason Chen version from the first series. Talking about the acting of the actors and actresses, they are generally good in playing their roles. However, I expected more from some of them. 

Francis Ng
Francis Ng is my all time favorite actor and I basically watch this show because of this veteran actor. He delivered what is expected of him and was re-enacting the same character Captain Tong, a role which he played previously. Not much changes, except that years had past and he have more wrinkles on his face. Despite that, his acting is as solid as a rock. 

Julian Cheung
Julian Cheung is another actor that I personally like. I had watched his earlier drama and listened to his songs since my younger days. I know he is a capable actor and given an opportunity, he is able to shine. Indeed, his role as Captain Jayden Koo is a role which he can handle. His baby face never seem to aged and he definitely pass off as a charming and handsome playboy. Anyway, congrats to Julian for his nomination at TVB annual drama awards, in the running for the most popular actor category. 

Fala Chen
Fala Chen is a pretty actress with good acting chop. At least, her acting is watchable. Her role as Holiday is interesting. However, I was tired of seeing her shuffling between the two main leads. Her chemistry with both of them is not very convincing but Fala Chen have her way to charm the audience. She tried her best to prove that she is not just a pretty vase beside the men. 

Myolie Wu
Myolie Wo is a great actress and I was disappointed that her role in the drama was not prominent. What a waste of talent! She is convincing as Jayden younger sister but I am sure she can deliver better and much more than that. I blame it on her character in this drama which does not do justice to her acting chop. 

Ron Ng
Sometimes, I don't even realize that he act in this drama. Don't get me wrong, not that I dislike Ron Ng as an actor. It is just that he does not have much scene presence especially when he stood beside Veteran actors such as Francis Ng. His presence somehow fade to the background during the group scene.

Kenneth Ma
Kenneth Ma does nothing much in this drama. He is basically at his comfort zone of playing the same character that he does so often. He is a competent actor who was like Myolie Wo been underrated. His character basically goes from cheeky to lovesick to carrying a torch on a woman that is older than him. 

Nancy Wu
I always thought that Nancy is a competent actress and she did demonstrate some of her acting chop in this drama. At least, I notice her presence and she delivers her character pretty well. 

Him Law
With a big budget production like this, TVB would slid in their up and coming star to grab some attention. Him Law did showed some potential as an actor. However, he has to work harder to prove that he is more than meet the eyes. There was one impressionable scene of him removing his shirt to swim in the pool, thus showing off his six-pac abs. Other than that, what are there to show case his acting talent and grab the audience eyeballs? Looking forward to his breakthrough.

Elena Kong
Elena Kong did moderately well for her role in this drama, portraying a lady in the middle age who is independent and pretty. As a senior purser, she is convincing in her role and showed her professionalism in various situation. However, her love entanglement gradually caused problems in her life and she have to make some decisions.


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