Monday, December 09, 2013

DramaQueen Report: Leessang Hi 5 Event at City Square Mall

After the showcase yesterday, I do not have high expectation for the high-five event. Indeed this was yet another disappointment. My friends and I decided to go for the event to make our money worth it and to see Leessang before they go back to Korea. Upon reaching, we were given a green colored wristband and a digitally signed Leessang signature poster. 

There were many fans waiting by the time we reached. Category two tickets holders who wore orange wristband were seated next to us and we were only separated by a barricade. My friend commented that we paid a higher price but we get the same privilege with the category two ticket holders! I was also puzzled but I shrugged it off since it does not bother me that much. 

At least the waiting area this time was spacious and there was a big fan spinning at the top. In addition, we were allowed to sit on the floor and wait. There were times when we were asked to move forward to make space for the people who came later than us. 

It was around 1.15pm, the host came onstage and we were asked to stand up. The organizer invited a guest speaker onstage to talk about her experience at Korea and advertise for the Korean tourism organizer who sponsored the event. 

However, the sound system on that day was really bad and we could not hear what she says. The organizers who were standing near the stage seem to be panicking and was spotted looking worried. There was supposed to be a video chip shown, however due to some technical problem we did not get to watch the video. In fact, nobody was upset since that only means that we will be able to see Leessang soon! 

The host came onstage and told us that there will be a lucky draw to pick 30 fans to take picture with Leessang. The lucky numbers were found on our wristband. The host does not seem to do his 'homework' since he does not know that different numbers indicate different category. 

The people at the back could not hear clearly and it does not help that the host actually spoke too fast and did not wait for the fans to react in time before he skip to the next number. That is to the delight of the other fans since it means that they still stand a chance. At one point, i even thought my number was called. Many people in my area were upset since most of the category two ticket holders were picked instead. Those people whose number was called have to shout out loud to be heard and make their way to the right hand side of the stage, I wondered what type of arrangement is this? 

Finally, Leessang came onstage and all the cameras and hand phones were lifted up. They waved and greeted the fans with a mega smile.The host asked them where would they recommend the fans to go in Korea. They replied that fans can come to their restaurant in Korea. Wow! What a clever way to advertise their restaurant. They welcome fans to visit them at their restaurant in Korea. Smart move!

The 30 lucky fans took a group photo with Leessang on stage. Some of the fans commented that it will be better to have individual photo taken instead of the group photo. According to my friend, during HaHa and Skull Fan Meeting at Malaysia, the fans were able to take individual photo. Lol! That sounds cool! Anyway, many looked on with envy eyes as the 30 lucky fans took picture with Leessang.

Soon, we were ushers off by the event coordinator to queue up at the left hand side of the stage for the high-five session.  The organizer emphasized that there is strictly no photography on stage. Many enthusiastic fans were so eager to see their idols up close and some managed to sneak a hug with Leessang. Soon, it was my turn and there was a fan in front of me requesting for a hug with Gary but was rejected by the security guard who practically 'chased' the fans off stage. Still, it was nice to see Leessang up close to shake their hands and gave them a high-five. Yes, they are very friendly and Gary often make funny faces that was cute. 

The event proceeded smoothly and orderly. The host even commented that the High-five event ended in half an hour! Wow! Which means the fans waited for hours just for that half an hour touch and go? Wow! That was so ridiculous and he actually said it out loud?

After the event, there was a booth near the area to sell Leessang merchandise. Some people stopped by and take a look at the merchandise. 

My conclusion for the Leessang showcase is,"We were all confused and rushed by Fast Tracks Event!" How to enjoy ourselves when everything was not plan properly at the first place. The only pleasant thing that happen is Leessang. As an average fan, I felt disappointed with the event. What about their hardcore fans? They may felt worse than me. Some of the fans were busy taking pictures of Leessang, as a result, they missed the high-five session with Leessang. I hope next time Leessang will come to Singapore again and this time with a different event company or else the fans will be driven mad!


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