Saturday, February 01, 2014

Kim Jong Kook Official Calendar Giveaway!

Dear readers,

In the spirit of giving and celebrating Chinese New Year, and mostly to thank all you wonderful readers for reading, Everything Sweet will be giving away one Kim Jong Kook Official Calendar. So want to have your very own Kim Jong Kook Calendar?

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3) Tell us here in this post your username for entry and why you deserve to have this calendar/how much you simply adore Kookie! It's that simple!

Dateline: 15 February 2014 (SG Time)

So what are you waiting for? Join now and stand a chance to win a Kim Jong Kook Official Calendar!
*Giveaway is open to international readers and the winner will be notified by via Facebook or Twitter (depending on entry method).

Thank you for your support and Happy Chinese New Year!


  1. Username : @sherylimm

    Kim Jongkook, my bias in Running Man!! Because of him, I did crazy stuffs which I hadnt done before (like going to the airport and fanmeets despite the crowd!!) And I was not into Korean stuffs until I watched Running Man! I totally fell in love with his voice ever since I listened to his 'loveable' and 'Today More Than Yesterday'! It was a pity that I missed the buying dates for this year's calendar!!! So I want it very much hehehe!!!

  2. Kim Jongkook, my bias in Running Man! Because of him, I did stuffs that I have never did before (like going to airport when he arrives and going to fanmeets despite the crowds, I hate crowded areas!) Love his role in Running Man hehehe! And I totally fell in love with his voice ever since I listened to 'loveable' and 'Today More Than Yesterday'! I missed the chances to get the calendar for this year (DAMN) therefore I wish that I can get this!! :)

  3. Ohh, and my Username is @sherylimm :)

  4. Liked Everything Sweet's facebook page as well as twitter account! I love Kookie so much that he's currently on my iphone lock screen and I have a poster of him in my room :D I love how much of a gentleman he is! He always let female guests win even awwww. Also in episode 182 (the chinese chess game episode), the way he protects Jihyo during nametag tearing.... I WISHED I WAS JIHYO FOR THAT MOMENT T_T I love him because of his sweet voice too ^~^ despite his muscular build, he have this cute and sweet voice that have the ability to melt every girl's heart T_T Also, everyday I listen to his songs 'Loveable' and 'Come Back To Me Again'. And I even blogged about him half a year ago, this proves how much I love him!! Because of him, I also went to gmarket to get a runningman shirt with Kim Jong Kook's name tag :D I really hope to win the calendar as it would win so much to me. My facebook username is: Lum Yanying and twitter account: @xyanying

    Wishing Everything Sweet a happy chinese new year!