Sunday, March 30, 2014

Running Man in Australia Episode 189

It was late at night, Kwang Soo and Haha armed with a camera were prepared to go to every room and disturb the other members. They went into Gary room and attempted to play a prank on him. Suddenly, Gary turned the table around and gave Haha and Kwang Soo a fright. In return, they lifted the blanket to show us a naked Gary! 

Jong kook joined in the commotion and went to every room to 'split everyone legs'. Poor Woo Bin and Rain cannot escape from Spartakook. 

At the other room, Ji Suk Jin and Jae Suk were bickering on the bed. At this moment, Haha and Kwang Soo appeared. They jumped on the bed and Rain soon joined in the dance with the hyungs.

The next day, Rain and Jong Kook appeared at the mission area first. The last person who arrived was Ji Suk Jin. Therefore, Rain team were able to choose the cards: Land, Air and Sea. Rain and Woo Bin teams choose land, Haha team choose Sea and Jae Suk team was left with Air. 

The guys were obviously enjoying their ride and Kwang Soo even posed for the camera but the camera chose to focus on Woo Bin. During the ride, Kwang Soo talked about betrayal skills to Woo Bin. On the other hand, Woo Bin worries if he could take revenge on Kookie since he had became fitter since he saw him last time. Kwang Soo offered some tips such as attacking the weakest area as long as you apologize. 

At the sea, Gary was pushing all the mission to Haha since today is his birthday. Their mission is parasailing speed quiz. Haha reluctantly agreed to do so give Gary a well deserved break. 

Both the mat Hyung were still bickering with each other. They remarked that the people who should do this mission is on playing on land. Poor hyungs have to string 15 beads into the string while riding on the seaplane. They were freak out during the ride and was screaming throughout the mission. 

These two teams have to carry a glass of water while riding on the jeep. With combined effort, they must achieve 1litre of water in order to complete this mission. The first round, both of the teams failed since the water spilled out during the ride before they reach the destination. 

Kookie tried to negotiate to lower down the level of water but Kwang Soo disapproved. Actually he had discussed with Woo Bin secretly to stored some water in the mouth. They were accused by Rain team for cheating. Woo Bin was forced to confess his 'crime'.

At the next round, Rain team used Kwang Soo tactic. There was a drizzle during the ride and they were happy that they could collect some water. They spotted the Sea plane and exclaimed that Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin must be frightened. Indeed, the hyungs were frightened but they managed to string in the beads and emerged as the winner for this round. Haha and Gary were relieved that they do not need to do their mission because of the bad weather. They even got to see the dolphins and name them after themselves. 

Ji Hyo arrived at Melbourne and her secret mission is to obtain three earth cards to be the earth lady. This lucky girl gets to enjoyed the foods and coffee prepared by the staffs. All she have to do is eat and drink secretly without the Running Man notice. 

Kwang Soo team arrived at the destination and the place was already flooded with people. They even filmed a 'music video' on their way to the destination. Their mission is to enlist the help of 5 men in the street to participate in the game. It was a arm wrestling game. Kwang Soo did well and managed to win the game. They picked a fire card. 

Ji Hyo was anxious to know that the Running man teams were around the place. However, she completed all her mission and achieved the earth lady status. Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin managed to complete their mission and received a wind card. At the other side, Haha team completed their mission too. They received the Wind card. 

Rain team have to guess the song which  the street performer sings. Jong Kook managed to guess it correctly - La Song. Rain was embarrassed that he could not recognize his song. They got a fire card for completing their mission.

They received a call from Ji Hyo and were told to assemble at the Royal Exhibition Muesum. Kwang Soo and Ji Hyo hugged each other. Their final mission is to find the card that they lack and bring Ji Hyo to the platform in order to win the race.  

They got together and discussed about their cards. Soon, everyone was busy searching for cards hidden everywhere. Kwang Soo wondered if he could steal Ji Hyo card and was 'punished' for his betrayal. 

Rain was impressive in finding the cards and eliminate the other players. Finally, only Woo Bin, Ji Suk Jin, Gary and Haha were left to face Jong Kook and Rain. They agreed to allies with each other. However, Rain had found Woo Bin card and eliminated him.

Jong kook held on to Haha and Ji Suk Jin while Rain grabbed a reluctant Song Ji Hyo to the platform. Gary came too late and Rain placed all the element cards with Ji Hyo Earth card. 

Rain and Jong kook became the winner team. They received a gold coin and the members joke that his girl friend (kim Tae Hee) will be happy to receive the present. 


Kwang Soo is really funny in these Australia episodes. He is the funny man and sometimes I admire his thick skinned. He does make me laugh recently without been irritating. I think Kwang Soo is indeed a nice person in real life. I like that Kwang Soo partnered with Woo Bin. Their interaction was great and their music video was embarrassingly funny too. 

Rain is really competitive and when he paired up with Jong Kook to make the strongest team, it is too difficult to defeat them. Although I did hope for a nice twist at the end where the underdogs win, I am also expecting Rain to win. He is a great  athletic and he has a great drive to win. On the other hand, Woo Bin is very cute and sporting as compared to his previous appearance. The final mission could be anti-climax but I do enjoyed the process and appreciate the Running man team effort. 


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