Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Running Man Episode 199 - 2014 Asian Dream Cup Special

Park Ji Sung is back for the Asian dream cup in Running Man. Who is happy to see our beloved captain guest starring in this episode? I am definitely glad to see the humorous and funny captain after he announced that he had retired from professional soccer and is getting married soon. 

I love how the Running Man welcomed him. It was obvious that Park Ji Sung looked embarrass and shy in his suit. He felt so comfortable with the cast and easily fit into the Running Man. I love how he reacted to jokes and how he tease Gary back in a funny manner.

Park Ji Sung was in for trouble as he holds the responsibility of the team mission. If he failed any of the mission, he will have to complete a more difficult task to proceed to the next mission. I love the twist in making Park Ji Sung work harder than the Running Man. I love how Kwang Soo and Ji Suk Jin disturbed him when he was trying to concentrate on his task. The easy brothers were so annoying that Park Ji Suk for the first time looked really irritated by these two. He even resorted to chasing Kwang Soo away and that was totally understandable. 

Poor captain have to jump the rope till everyone completed their mission. He almost make it through but failed towards the end when he tripped over the rope. Yes, he gets all the blame again and I pity Park Ji Sung when he collapse on the floor due to exhaustion. 

Captain Park never fails to amazed me with his wonderful soccer skills. Only professional footballer like him could dribble a ball so well and even kicked the ball into a small opening. When he kicked a goal through the window, I was so excited and cheered for him. The bus ride to the next destination was fun too. I love their conversation in the bus. 

Are the Running Man team making fun of the captain? I was laughing out loud with all the creative ideas and games! A scarecrow captain? I am happy to see Park Ji Sung being so fun loving and sporty. Lee Kwang Soo was so funny when he tried to spat the water into the container which was later used to slashed on Yoo Jae Suk face. Okay, that was really dirty water. Haha. 

Captain Park have the skills and the luck for today. I love his expression when he choose the correct plate. Yes, he deserved all the praise. Kookie was so funny when he volunteered to drink the bitter herbal tea. Well, as long as the things he placed in his mouth is healthy, he will just take it without a second thought. 

The meeting of the two soccer legend. Cha Bum-Kun was here to visit his ex student Park Ji Sung. I love their humble attitude and the way they presented themselves. Can we have more sportsman like them to be guest in Running Man. Yes, we absolutely need more of them here. During the training, Gary and Lee Kwang Soo performed really well and was praised by their coach. I like it that the two legendary soccer players gamely accepted the challenge and even train the Running Man team. 

This is not an easy task, who can kick the ball in? Yes, the World Cup fever is on and we all get excited to see anyone score a goal right? Hooray, the Korean legend will forever leave a legacy for the next generation of footballers. 

Their final mission of the day is to play a friendly match with the idols team. They will play against each other for 30 minutes. Park Ji Sung was allowed to play on the field for 15 minutes. Which means, Running Man have to use the benefit wisely. I love the expression of Park Ji Sung while he observed the match. The Running Man performed poorly against the much more experienced Idol team. At one point, Haha almost kick the ball into his team goalpost. Note that the Idol team also have a great coach Seol Ki-hyeon behind their back. 

Did Park Ji Sung teach the Running Man how to assault their rivals without getting caught? That was so adorable of him to agree with the Running Man team. Park Ji Suk ran like an ox and even triggered fear in the idol team. Although the Running Man lost the match against the Idol team, I believed that they had learnt some experience and improved their skills during the training process. Look forward to the Asia dream cup! 


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