Sunday, July 06, 2014

Kashiwabara Takashi: Happy Plan

Japanese charismatic  actor Kashiwabara Takashi tailor made a short drama to be specially release in China titled -  Happy Plan. On 2 July, we can watch the drama online. It was the first time Takashi Kashiwabara took on the role of a scriptwriter and wrote the script about a romantic love story that transcend different countries, language and culture. This short drama was mainly filmed in Tokyo and China. 

The storyline is about a Japanese travel insurance agent that is reserved and antisocial met an ordinary girl from Guangzhou through LINE. Their fate intertwines and developed into a romantic, touching and motivational love story.

Before the online screening of this film, there were a few short footage of the behind the screen filming. Fans were excited to see Takashi Kashiwabara who achieved fame through his past works such as Love Letter and Mischievous Kiss.

Prior to the screening of this film, Takashi Kashiwabara went to China to promote his latest drama. During an interview, he mentioned that he is no longer the pretty boy that he used to be, instead he became an uncle already. His down to earth, gentle and humorous personality won over many fans. 

Happy Plan trailer 

My thoughts:

I am glad to see Kashiwabara Takashi latest short film - Happy plan. Although the 'flower boy' had became 'flower uncle', he still strike off as a handsome and charming chap. He had remained low profile for many years now and he is back recently with a new project that was highly anticipated by his fans. 

Happy plan was his first debut as a scriptwriter. I look forward to this film because Takashi Kashiwabara is a talented artiste. He had been a song writer for his music band No'where many years ago. This time, he came back with a new script that looks promising. Throughout the years, Kashiwabara Takashi proved that he is a multi talented artiste and is always willing to take on new challenges. 

After watching the film, I got to comment that Kashiwabara Takashi acting is still deserving of being a main lead in a drama. The story was short and simple but there was a special charm in the drama that you would only know it if you watch the drama online. Kudos to Kashiwabara Takashi first attempt as a scriptwriter. 

The main actress Lin Chu Han is a China girl that was picked from an audition. She looks like a girl-next-door with her short hair. As a newbie, her acting was raw and lacking compared to Kashiwabara Takashi. However, she has a certain charm that makes her acting watchable. 

Unfortunately, this was a short film that ended too fast. Hopefully, the next time Kashiwabara Takashi could come back with a longer script and we can see him act as a main actor again. Happy Plan was produced by LINE and we could see the cute icons whenever the main leads communicate through phones. This short film was well received in China, do not miss the Happy Plan! 


  1. Hi Drama queen.

    Does this short movie has english subtittle? I don't speak japanese nor chinese either.
    Could you please help me if there's any with english subtitle?
    Thank you.

  2. Hi mulanrizu,

    This short film is specially made for his fans in China. There is no English subtitle for this short movie and I watched the show from the official link. You could also find from the YouTube, he went to a China variety show to promote his film. Hope that these informations will help you. I will be posting Happy Plan in English and Kashiwabara Takashi parts in the Chinese variety show specially for fans who does not understand Chinese. Thank you for reading. :)

  3. Oh, I see. I tried to find the official link, but to no avail. Does it available outside China or Japan?

    I have also watched the variety show he was in on youtube 2 days ago. and That's great! You are really very sweet! Can't wait for the new English posts about Kassy!
    Thank you so much!

    *sorry, too much exclamation mark. just showed how excited I am. hehe. Thank you so much. by the way, are you and your team come from China? I'm from Malaysia. =)

  4. Hi Mulanrizu,

    Nice to meet you. :) We are a team from Singapore. I watched Happy Plan from the Chinese website: QIY. It is purely in Chinese. Thanks for reading. :)

  5. Hi! I am from Malaysia too! *excited *.i want to watch this short film too but can't find in youtube.. i only find the intro of the film. Good luck kassy!

  6. Hi fans of Takashi Kashiwabara, this is the link to Kassy Happy Plan: please note that the microfilm is in chinese. :)