Monday, August 11, 2014

2014 Eco Music Challenge

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Eco music challenge was held every year, therefore this year is no exception. We have many participants sending in their entries until 11 August. You can either film a video or sing a song, just present your originality and creativity. 

There are some wacky and interesting videos that received many viewerships. In terms of song writing, I think this particular song - 爱地球 stand out from the rest of the songs because of the guitar accompaniment and the nice melody. There are indeed many style of music and I realized that there are many talented people around. 

Please note that you can vote the songs/video that you like multiple times. The rule is just one vote for each video or song. Simply go to the website and browse through the play button to vote for them. If you missed out the entries this year, you can compose a song next year.  There is a chance to win attractive prizes if you are selected. 

After browsing through the website, I am surprised with the song writing abilities of each individual and we do have talented people in our midst. The importance of protecting the environment begins with you. Voting ends on 11 September, hurry go and cast the vote for your favorite song or video! 


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