Sunday, August 10, 2014

Takashi Kashiwabara: Happy Plan Episode 1

Starring: Takashi Kashiwabara, Lin Chu Han

Takashi Kashiwabara Happy plan was officially shown on 2th July. The story is about Si Si (Lin Chu Han) narrating about her extraordinary romantic encounter with a foreigner. If you have not watch this short movie, please watch it online. This is the summary of the story content.

Si Si and her boyfriend likes to play with their mobile phone applications. The couple love each other. Si Si had particularly fallen head over heels for her boyfriend. They even brought the same type of mobile phone. One day, Si Si accidentally took his mobile phone and discovered an intimate photograph of her boyfriend with another woman while chatting on LINE.

Si Si had a quarrel with her boyfriend and stormed out of the house with a broken heart. She was upset with her boyfriend silence when she confronted him about the other lady. In the end, Si Si decided to forgive her boyfriend. However, she returned to an empty house. Her boyfriend had returned all the couple accessories to her and left. Si Si cried uncontrollably on the bed. 

The next day, Si Si was late for work. Unfortunately, her superior caught her been late and reprimanded her. She was fired from work and was feeling lousy. Suddenly, she received a weird text message from a stranger. It was about the Happy Plan insurance that he proposed. Thinking that he had send the message to the wrong person, she tried to explain to him but he does not get it. Feeling frustrated, Si Si intended to vent her anger at him. However, she was pleasantly surprised with a picture of a handsome Japanese man (Takashi Kashiwabara). Feeling better, Si Si continued to exchange text messages with him.

The Japanese man was busy searching his translation dictionary while typing on the phone. However, he made some mistakes while translating from Japanese to Chinese. He adorably apologized to Si Si for the mistakes. Si Si recommended him to download the translation dictionary from LINE software. Happy Plan is the beginning of a beautiful romance that transcend two different countries and languages.

My thoughts

Although Lin Chu Han is a newbie actress, her performance was pretty good. She has a fresh and natural charisma. In this drama, Si Si is a simple girl-next-door main character that we are familiar with. She is like ordinary people, falling in love, encounter work problems and being dumped by her lover. Lin Chu Han acting skills is lacking but her performance is moderately good for a newcomer.

The camera used to shoot this short film is simple, however the screen is clear. The music is nice and the tempo of the film is just right. The story begins with the actress introducing herself and narrating her own story. Happy Plan is a short film, therefore the film were divided into three parts.

Although Takashi Kashiwabara only appeared in a few scenes and towards the last few minutes, his strong charisma still dominated the screen. Some netizens commented that Takashi Kashiwabara still look handsome and at certain angle he looked like Naoki Irie in - Mischievous Kiss. Some of them were reminded of his famous movie - Love Letter.  Do not be surprised, Takashi Kashiwabara still maintained his appearance pretty well despite all these years. I am looking forward to pretty uncle Takashi Kashiwabara performance in the next two parts.

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  1. Yeay!! The summary is finally here!!

    I have watched the movie online few days ago, but havent got a clue what did they say. I can just guess a lil bit from their facial expression.

    Your summary really helps! It's like for episode 1, your summary help me understand another 90% of it.

    Keep up the good work!