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腾讯娱乐讯 (文/琳琅)几天前小栗旬在和绢川幸雄一起上富士电视台谈话节目《我们的时代》时,大吐苦水称婚后生活的艰难困苦,埋怨毫无自由可言。不过最新一期的《女性SEVEN》杂志,却又曝光了他8月初跟大肚爱妻相拥外出的幸福目击照。

今年8月4日小栗旬领衔主演的《鲁邦三世》电影,在东京国际广场举办了全球首映礼。而小栗旬和黑木明纱子2007以及2009年的电影《close ZERO》之后,就成了关系不错的酒友。有电影相关人士表示:“《鲁邦三世》去年秋天在泰国拍了一个月外景。合作演员都很喜欢喝酒,所以经常一不小心就一起喝到早上的情况并不少见。”




Oguri Shun photographed with his heavily pregnant wife Yamada Yu

Oguri Shun went to a variety show - our Generation at Fuji channel recently and talked about the diffculties he faced after marriage. He had grumbled  that he lost his freedom. However, the latest women magazine in Japan features a photograph of Yamada Yu and Oguri Shun during a short trip. 

4 August, Oguri Shun being the lead actor of movie - Lupin 3 , attended the international premire of the movie at Tokyo. Oguri Shun and Meisa Kuroki have been drinking buddies since they starred in the the movie - Close Zero in year 2007 and 2009. According to a movie insider stated that during spring, they filmed Lupin 3 for a month at Thailand. The actors love to drink and sometimes they will drink until the next morning.

After they returned to Japan, they have meet up frequently for a meal and then drink at a wine house till the next day morning. Yamada Yu had blogged about this matter despite not indicating about this incident. However in May, Yamada Yu announced her pregnancy to the public. When she attended talk show, she mentioned that her hubby Oguri Shun was delighted and wanted to have a child more than she had expected. 

In August, this couple was spotted somewhere at Yamada Yu hometown at a guesthouse in Okinawa Prefecture. Apparently, they were meeting up with families and friends during this trip. At 9pm, Yamada Yu met up with some friends. Two hours later Oguri Shun arrived at the destination. He had a play that night and he rushed down after work to meet up with his wife. 

A guest that stayed there commented that Oguri Shun is very attentive towards  Yamada Yu. There is a step near the entrance and Oguri Shun will help her to cross that step. It seems like Oguri Shun is getting used to the idea of being a father soon. He is a great husband.

My thoughts

Congratulation to this Japanese celebrity couple! I know it was not easy for them to come this far. I hope Oguri Shun will continue to cherish his family. There are always lots of rumors surrounding Oguri Shun. We know he has his short-comings and it is mainly his weakness with women. 

At the same time we can see Oguri Shun getting more matured and stable now. I hope he will continue to be a good husband to Yamada Yu and a good father to his child. 

I look forward to their first born baby. Is that baby pretty or handsome? I believed so since the parents are good looking too. I like Oguri Shun and he proved that he is able to act very well all these years. He is having the best of both worlds - a successful career and having a wonderful wife and family. All the best to this golden couple! :) 


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