Sunday, March 01, 2015

The making of Takashi Kashiwabara cameo in Itazura Na Kiss - Love In Tokyo

Takashi Kashiwabara cameo in episode 15 of Itazura Na Kiss - Love In Toyko

Takashi Kashiwabra 

Itazura Na Kiss - Love In Tokyo production crew were waiting for the arrival of Takashi Kashiwabara. It had been 17 years since the remake of this Japanese idol drama. Aiko Sato had previously made a cameo appearance in episode 10 as nurse Kotoko. 

Finally, Takashi Kashiwabara arrived at the scene. The director introduced him to everyone. He bowed humbly to the crew as he get ready for his cameo appearance. He is Naoki Irie for the day, as the director teased him.

Takashi Kashiwabara Interview:

I remembered during that time after we filmed this drama, we received many support from fans in Japan when it was shown on TV. Especially in Taiwan, the response was great. At the same time, I received many job opportunities in Taiwan. I received a lot of love and was well taken care of.  Therefore, with this feeling of gratefulness, I intent to repay the kindness which I have received. Therefore, I agreed to this cameo upon invitation. 

During that time, Teacher Kaoru Tada often came to visit us at the filming set. She would say to me, "You have the feeling of Naoki Irie." This comment had given me lots of courage.  I am thankful for that encouragement, thus I thought of repaying her. 

Today the scene is about Naoki Irie going to give up his ambition. At the hospital, he crossed path with Takashi Kashiwabara who acted as a doctor.  He appeared to be deep in thoughts and turned around to look at him. 

Naoki Irie 17 years ago 

In the manga, I felt that Naoki is a great character. I felt troubled after reading the manga. Because I have read the whole series of manga, I felt that as far as possible, Naoki cannot treat Kotoko too badly. He has to be cautious about it. 

Kiss NG scene

Kassy:   Oh is there?

Interviewer: Yes there is.

Kassy: Under the circumstances when both people are not very familar with each other, it felt a little bit weird.

During filming, I would discuss with my co-star Miss Aiko Sato regarding the kissing angle. After we settled on that, we will film the scene. When we finish filming, we will look through the scene again.

Yuki Furukawa as Naoki Irie

Before meeting the new Naoki, I was interested to find out about his appearance. After meeting him, I think Yuki Furukawa Kun has a tall build. He possess a charisma just like a character that walk out of a manga. I am extremely happy to meet the 2013 version of Naoki Irie and this drama which i have a cameo appearance will be ending soon. I hope everyone will continue to support the story of Naoki and Kotoko. Thank you very much. 


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