Saturday, December 20, 2014

Taeyang “Rise” Concert (Priority Tickets)

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Having not been to a concert for some time (the last one was GD's One of A Kind World Tour concert last year), I decided to get tickets to Taeyang’s concert this coming February. It can be considered one of the rare times that I actually do such impulsive buying: since it only took me one day to decide and purchase the tickets online (not to mention convince DramaQueen to join me haha). Unlike GD, who had 2 nights, Taeyang only has 1 and it will held at the Expo (hopefully the sound system is good). Taeyang doesn’t seem as popular as GD (in Singapore), so getting the tickets were not a problem (e.g. no system hanging, easy to purchase tickets etc…). In fact even on the day when ticket sales was opened to the public, accessing the Sistic website was smooth.
Taeyang “Rise” Concert (Priority Tickets)

Of course, this time I did not go for the most expensive ticket and we actually bought tickets to for the moshpit, which means that we have to stand and (hopefully not) get squashed in the crowd. But... Read more>>


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