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Apple in your eye Episode 13 ( Last Episode)

Dai Yao Qi decided to leave Ji Wei because he intend to carry the burden of his father's debt. Zhou Ma ma would not allow her daughter to suffer hardship with him and wait for another two years for them to get married. 

Dai Yao Qi struggled to make the decision to leave Ji Wei as requested by her mother. On the other hand, Ji Wei is happily looking forward to her wedding and her colleagues even brought her a wedding dress. 
It is time to put everything to an end, Dai Yao Qi finally spoke of his pain and sadly requested Ji Wei to leave him. 

Dai Yao Qi revealed about his friends problems which was indirectly linked to themselves. Ji Wei listened attentively and was sad to know the truth behind everything. 

Ji Wei was relunctant to leave Dai Yao Qi as she wanted so much to be with him. Bearing the pain, Dai Yao Qi initiated a break up. 

Zhou Mama was very upset and she felt guilty for breaking up the loving couple. In her opinion, she just wanted the best for her daughter and she felt bad for hurting Dai Yao Qi. She know that Dai Yao Qi is a  responsible good man. 

Finally, Dai Yao Qi left and Ji Wei was left crying helplessly. Zhou Mama decided to call Ji Wei and explained the reason why Dai Yao Qi left. He threw the hand phone into the dustbin and nobody can contact him. 

Mei Jie finally found her soul mate that appreciated her. Ji Wei missed Dai Yao Qi  and would visit their childhood hideout.

Two years passed by and Ji Wei became more matured now. There were some news of Dai Yao Qi working hard to repay his debts. He even visited his benefactor granddaughter. However, when Ji Wei went there, Dai Yao Qi was not there anymore. 

Suddenly, Ji Wei saw a packet of green beans soup hanging on the branch of the tree. To her disappointment, it is Yuan Fang and not Dai Yao Qi. 

Yuan Fang followed her all the way and even board the train together. He declared that he will wait for Ji Wei no matter how long it takes for her to get over Dai Yao Qi. 

Ji Wei visited Dai Yao Qi eatery store and talked about Dai Yao Qi. Ji Wei was already seen with a ring on her finger. However, it was not explained. 

Ji Wei talked about meeting Dai Yao Qi in year 2025. The possibility of meeting each other on the street and smile at each other. 

My thoughts 

I was hesitant to watch the final episode as I have heard about people commenting that it has a bad ending. I usually like happy ending and I do not want to feel disappointed when I have finally watched through so many episodes. From bad impression to gradually enjoying, I hope I will not be disappointed at the end of the day.

However, I decided to watch the final episode since I have being watching this drama and writing my thoughts. Having read though a mixture of postitve and negative comments, I do not have much expectation for the ending. 

Surprisingly, I think this drama did not have a bad ending, rather it has an open ending. Unlike most idol drama, Apple in Your eye do not emphasize so much about fairy tale love. The scriptwriter is putting her own views and perspective through the eyes of Zhou Ji Wei. The story talked about love in all angles and it has a realistic touched towards the situations which each characters encountered in life.

Nothing in life is perfect, and some things  in life are unpredictable. I supposed the drama is trying to convey this fact that your life will not always be smooth sailing. You may possess happiness now but you may lost this happiness the next minute. We have to make choices in life and with every decision, we have to bear the consequences of our action. However, we shall not give up this hope in our heart. If we wait patiently, there might be surprises and happiness awaiting you. 

Some people pointed out that Zhou Mama is very heartless for breaking up the couple. Actually, I can understand her perceptive as a mother and she has always being so protective of her children. On the other hand, Dai Yao Qi should have stood on his ground and reassure Zhou Mama. However, Dai Yao Qi was uncertain about bringing happiness to Ji Wei in this situation too. His character is like a big brother that love to take care of others. I can't blame him for shouldering the responsibility either. I cannot say that selfless Dai Yao Qi had made a great mistake but i do felt sorry for him.

The last question about Ji Wei ring also make me curious about her life partner. It could either be from Yuan Fang or  she is putting on the ring for Dai Yao Qi. You  Anyway, Ji Wei would most probably wait for Dai Yao Qi in my opinion. Yes, the both of them though separated from each other, have grown up respectively. Life is not a fairytale story but do not give up hope, happiness could be somewhere awaiting you! Cherish what you have and look forward to a better tomorrow.

I like the meaning behind the story which the scriptwriter tried to convey in every episode. However, I read from the website that there will be 14 episodes and I was puzzled why it became 13 episodes instead. Some people said that the story was too rushed and many things can be further explained if they make another episode. I supposed the story was supposed to be heading towards this direction. In conclusion, I did enjoy the drama and the ending is not too bad either. 


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