Monday, January 26, 2015

Drama Queen pick: Favorite Japanese songs

1) Hikaru Utada

Hikaru Utada is the R&B ballad pop queen in Japan. She has produced many beautiful songs since her debut. There is a distinctive quality in her voice which attracted my attention. Her songs are very catchy and her singing technique is one of the best in Japan. 

Recommended songs: First Love, Can you keep a secret? 

2) Spitz

I have been listening to their music since the 90's. Spitz was formed by four Art students. The genres of their music were mainly influenced by The Beetles and this band has been working on their music for twenty over years now. Notably their music were often used for drama, movie or animie theme songs. The most popular song being their first single titled Sora mo Toberuhazu, which was the theme song for the popular Jdorama White Line.

Recommended songs: Sora mo Toberuhazu, Robinson

3) Luna Sea

Luna Sea was a very popular rock band in Japan. They formed their band around 1989 and suddenly disbanded in the new millennium. I like the vocalist Ryuichi who has a strong and distinctive voice. My favorite song of all time is - I for you. 

Recommended songs: I for you, Gravity

4) Speed

Japanese popular girlband Speed was wildly popular in the mid 90's and early 21th century. I still remembered them and even hemmed to their catchy tunes now. 

Recommended songs: Steady, My graduation, White Love

5) Do As Infinity

Do as infinity is a popular Japanese group that produced many hits and their albums even achieved platinum in sales. My personal favorite is week!. That is a fast and catchy rock song. Notably, this talented group wrote all of their songs too. 

Recommended songs: Week!, Fukai Mori (Deep forest)

6) SMAP 

SMAP is the evergreen Japanese boyband that is still active in the Entertainment industry. The most famous among them is King of Japanese Drama Takuya Kimura. They produced classic hits such as Lion Heart and Beyond the night sky that captured many hearts. 

Recommended songs: Beyond the night sky, Lion heart 

7) Mr Children

Mr Children formed their band in 1989. They have been very popular in Japan and their albums were one of the bestseller of all times. Their music send a great message of innocence, humanity and philosophy of life. Therefore, their music is popular for all ages. They were well known for writing meaningful lyrics and great music in Japan. It is difficult to choose my favorite since all of their songs were good. 

Recommended songs: Be Strong, Hanabi, Sign, 365 days

8) Chage and Aska

Chage and Aska is a legend in Japanese Music. They have great voices and their collaboration was simply classic. Their music were mostly sentimental ballads and they were strong in the delivery of their songs to the listeners. 

Recommended songs: Say Yes, Man and  Woman

9) Ayumi Hamasaki

Ayumi Hamasaki is the Queen of Jpop in Japan. She has a doll like princess appearance that attracted eyeballs. Most of the Japanese female singers have high pitched voice. She is no exception, but she is a fashion icon in Japan. There is a huge followers of her style in many countries in the 21th century. 

Recommended songs: Dearest, My All, M

10) Ken Hirai

Ken Hirai is a very popular singer in Japan. His voice is smoothing and sentimental. He is often mistaken as a foreigner but he claimed to be a pure Japanese. He is a low profile Japanese singer that is appreciated for his unique style. In my opinion, he is one of the greatest singer of all time. 

Recommended songs: Hitomi Wo Tojite (Only human), Boku Wa Kimi Ni Koi Wo Suru

11) Namie Amuro

Namie Amuro is a sexy, pretty and stylish Japanese singer. She has ruled the Japanese Pop industry for years. In my opinion, she does not have the high pitch voice that many female artises have. That is an advantage for her as a singer. 

Recommended songs: Can you celebrate? brighter day, Love story 

12) Chemistry

This R&B ballad duo came to the music scene with their smoothing music. They were known for creating their style of music that were considered as refreshing during that period of time. 

Recommended songs: Pierces of a dream, You go your way

13) Every little thing

Every Little Thing came to the music scene with a "bang!" They were immediately noticed for the vocalist sweet voice and their unique style of music videos. Their soft pop rock style of music were their signature. My favorite song is Shape of Love that is so full of energy. 

Recommended songs: Time goes by, My Will, Shapes of Love

14) Arashi

Arashi is a popular boyband in Japan. They seem to follow the steps of their senior SMAP. It is not a surprise since they are from Johnny's Entertainment . They make use of their youth and released many catchy and funky songs. 

Recommended songs: Love so sweet, One love

15) Kinki Kids

Kinki Kids are famous artises in Japan from Johnny's Entertainment. They were very popular in the 90s and 00's. They produced many old school music that was still remembered till today.

Recommended songs: Garasu no Shounen, Boku no Senaka ni wa Hane ga aru

16) Zard

Izumi Sakai the beautiful and talented lead vocalist of Zard passed away at an early age of 40. She was known for her beautiful singing vocal and her ability to write songs. Most of her songs were used for animie. 

Recommended songs: Oh my love, Goodbye my loneliness

17) Misia

Misia has the powerhouse vocal that many people admires. She is an established Japanese singer that is popular even till today. 

Recommended songs: Everything, Deepness

18) Boa

Boa is a Korean singer that had successfully ventured into the Japanese Music Industry. Her youthful and sweet image blended into the Music scene. This talented singer can hold her tune and dance on stage. Her concert performance were spectacular and she has since conquered the Japanese music scene. 

Recommended songs: Every heart, No 1

19) Kumi Koda

This sexy singer was known for her slutty image. Despite her fashion sense, she is a good singer. I like her slightly low and sexy voice. Everything about her is sensual and her every move always attracted attentions from the audiences. 

Recommended songs: Love me back, Moon Crying 

20) Kiroro

Kiroro is a musical duo that was active in the music scene in the late 90s. Their music was different from the other mainstream, R&B, rock music that dominated the market at that point of time. This musical duo offered something different from the rest with their simple folk ballad music. 

Recommended song: Mirae, Best friends

21) Mika Nakashima 

Mika Nakashima was famous for her role in the movie Nana. On top of that, she has a beautiful voice that attracted my attention. She projected an icy cool charisma that was intriguing to me. I love the song Yuki No Hana. 

Recommended song: Yuki No Hana, Glamourous Sky 

22) Yuzu

Yuzu is another alternative music in the Japanese Music scene. They are a folk pop group that proved to be sucessful in their own rights. They make it to the mainstream music and gave the audiences other choices in musical genres. 

Recommended songs: Story, Aitai


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