Sunday, April 26, 2015

Happy Belated Birthday Kim Jong Kook

Happy belated birthday Kookie! Yes he is 40 years old in Korean age. However, he still look incredibly hot, handsome, youthful and cute. I am a big fan of Kim Jong Kook. This picture was from Running Man episode 242 - Global mission. 

Fans from all over the world send in their emails and suggested some games to play. It is true that Running Man has became worldwide famous Korean urban variety programme. Kim Jong Kook look adorable as the wolf when they played "what is the time Mr Wolf?". 

I love the guests that were featured in this episode. We have the regular guest star Jung yong Hwa, Hallyu actor Jang II Woo and Hallyu idol F.T island Lee Hongki.  Have you watch this episode? If you have not watch it, I would highly recommend this episode. 

Jung II Woon is so competitive in the games. I am pleasantly surprised with his competitive spirit since he appears to be soft, gentle and cute in most of his roles in Korean drama. It is nice to see the other side of him in Running man. I guess Kim Jong Kook is right about him having a athletic body. At the name tag ripping game, he was so enthusiastic in his "hunting".

Lee Hong Ki is such a cute and soft teddy in Running man. He tried his best and put in effort to win for his team, however he failed to win in all the games. Haha and Yoo Jae Suk noticed his disappointment and tried to console him. He made a wounded cute puppy face that is so adorable. 

Jung Yong Hwa is always the ace in the team. He is probably the only one that can challenge Kim Jong Kook since he is fast, agile and youthful. Surprisingly he could escape from Kim Jong Kook clutches at a hair's length in the game "what is the time Mr Wolf?" 

Poor Kookie, he looked so tired after the game! I think he did enjoy himself playing the character of a fearsome wolf. I love the way he grinned and the way he  moved his hip from side to side. It was amazing how he pounced onto his "preys" Haha, Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin! 

Kim Jong Kook is the leader of his three members red team. Yoo Jae Suk is the leader of the seven members blue team. I love that some things just never change. Our Kookie commander and the "beast" Jung II Woo work well together to catch the other team members. Jung Yong Hwa and Gary being the first that get caught, leave the blue team with little chance of survival. Their chances to win the game was lessen after Song Ji Hyo was caught at the staircase landing. 

Lee Kwang Soo did not contribute much to the red team. I like his frightened expressions, especially when he met Jung II Woo at the corner. It seems like he had momentarily forgotten that they were in the same team. Team leaders  Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook were so funny when placed together. They simply like to tease and play around with each other. 

Lee Hong Ki was the only surviving member in Blue team. He was left with the task to find all the alphabets to make the word - Running Man. However, I doubt he will ever complete his mission since the cunning red team had hidden the letter U card. 

The Red team won and the Running Man gave a bow to their global fans. Three cheers for Running Man! I really enjoyed this episode, what about you? 

Takashi Kashiwabara Weibo update: Thank you

English translation: Thank you for all your comments! It is great to receive direct response and it's fun. I am grateful to everyone. Have a great weekend. 

Today I tried to upload this photo without putting any translation. This picture was taken at night on the street. A warm night send from Tokyo.

My thoughts 

Kassy is really enjoying himself as a photographer. It seems like Takashi Kashiwabara is taking things slow. He appears to be in the state of semi retire from the Entertainment industry. 

These days, Kassy is more interested in finding his own hobbies or interest. Rather than competing with young actors out there, Kassy seem to be weary of the competition. It could be that the amount of work he received have been lesser than before. 

Anyway, it is a smart move on his part to open the market in China. Fans from all over the world can connect with him through Weibo and he can share his life with his fans. He will not be forgotten by his loyal fans no matter how time flies. 

Recently, it was observed that he begin to update his Weibo at least once a month. It shows that he did make an effort to use the social media as a means to reach out to his fans. I like the masterpiece that he posted online. It shows an artistic and talented side of him. 

Takashi Kashiwabara plan to work on screen writing and filming. However, he did mentioned that he is taking things one step at a time to work behind the scene. We know that Kassy is very much involved in his soccer team. Despite his other work commitment, it has been a while since he last acted in a film. I hope that we will get to see him acting in a drama soon. Please do not disappear from our sight again. :)

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Drama Review: All about my siblings episode 4

Drama Recap: Do not give up

During this period of time, Azusa and Asahi had registered their marriage and gotten married. They were waiting for the arrival of the newborn baby.

The other siblings were living their life as usual and  they faces different challenges each day. 

Satoru came back home to stay and there were some changes in the room arrangement. 

Haru theatre performance was fixed, his siblings were all supportive of him. Hirika and Tadashi even forked out money to purchase the tickets. All except for Asahi who thinks that Haru is not getting a proper job and wasted his time pursuing dreams. 

While the siblings were bickering, Haru mentioned about Satoru girlfriend Mizuki and he wonders have they broken up. Satoru became sensitive and tried to avoid talking about his 'girlfriend'.

His brothers tried to find out more about the "girlfriend" to no avail. However, it was clear that something is bothering him.

Haru was chased out of the room, while Tadashi and Satoru went out for a heart to heart talk. Satoru played a trick on Tadashi and it backfired on him eventually. 

On the other hand, Haru drama theatre is doing well. Satoru continued to work on the field with yashiro.

The date for the play draws near and the drama crew were excited about it. One day, the main actor of the play had disappeared after he took the money from the fund. However, he promised to return the money later. Haru was disappointed and worried that the play will not be able to proceed without sufficient fund. 

The trainee doctor seem to catch on that Shinjo is having an extra marital affair. He suspected that the woman was the photograph that Shinjo placed in the drawer. Hirika saw the photo and was surprised that this lady is Mizuki.

Asahi was busy helping Haru to find the member that stole the club funding. Soon, Hirika came back home to clarify her identity with Satoru and to find out what exactly happened. Filled with anger, Saturo asked Hirika to confront Shinjo about this matter. 

Shinjo was engaged in a video call with his daughter when Hirika ran the bell. Eventually, Shinjo revealed about his patient Mizuki who was seriously ill. He confessed that Mizuki have a chance of survival if she does a heart transplant overseas. However, that will cost a lot of money. Satoru knew about the way to save Mizuko, thus he cheated 300000 yen from the old lady and landed in jail . In the end, it was still too late to save Mizuki. Since then, Satoru hated Shinjo for keeping this secret from him.

Haru faced the heat of members calling it quit from the theatre club. They felt that Haru was too demanding and nobody can meet his expectation. Haru was devastated and thought of giving up all the hard work.?

On the other hand, Hirika faced problems in her workplace too. The infant that she was caring for will be transferred to another hospital. The parents turned hostile to Hirika and the hospital. 

Hirika was upset and Shinzo comforted her, at the other side of the room the traniee doctor witnessed the whole scene. Asahi has been trying his best to look for the member that took the money. He seemed to find some leads from the picture. He was so anxious that he ran out of the house, leaving Azusa at home. She seemed to be in pain after Asahi left the house. 

Haru talked about his desire to give up his dream due to the various problems which he is facing. Asahi was upset to hear that and decided to teach him a lesson. 

Asahi and Haru battled with each other on the field. The rest of the siblings watched on at the side. Asahi urged Haru to persevere and go all the way to achieve his dream. 

Asahi passed a piece of paper to Haru, it was the place where his friend work. He looked for his friend and the latter apologize to Haru. 

Back at home, Asahi passed a stack of money to Haru, he claimed that the money was from their decreased parents.  Haru was delighted and thanked his parents for the money. However, I think the money seem to be from Asahi to support his younger brother theatre funding. 

Hirika left the performance tickets with Shinjo. It was Hirika idea for the two former good friends to trash things out. They had a confrontation regarding Mizuki illness and the hidden secret. In the midst of struggling, Shinjo dropped a stack of photographs of the decrease whom he failed to heal. Among those pictures, there was a photo of Mizuki. Shinjo revealed that Mizuki has placed her dream on Shinjo happiness.

Satoru finds it hard to accept the truth and he left the hospital after grabbing the tickets. He met Asahi at behaving sneakily outside the venue. He asked his brother about his dreams and Asahi replied that his siblings happiness is his biggest dream. On the other hand, Asahi saw the passion of Haru onstage and was impressed.

Satoru joined his younger siblings to appreciate the performance of Haru. Hirika asked Satoru if he had resolved the issue with Shinjo, in return Saturo playfully smacked her on the head and replied it is not so easy to resolve the conflict.

Saturo was immense in the performance and was startled to see Mizuki on stage acting with Haru. Of course that was an imagination on Saturo part, he thought that Mizuki is sending a message to him onstage to move on in life. She represented a warrior in life that lost with pride and the people she left behind should move on in life happily till they meet again in the afterlife.

At the backstage, Haru received many love and congrats for a good performance. Unknown to him that he money he received from Asahi was obtained through the sacrifice of his brother begging his former boss for money. He felt ashamed for treating Asahi snoopily after being reprimanded and enlightened from Satoru. He immediately rushed out to chase after his brother who was on his way to the train station. 

Haru spotted Asahi at a distant and called out to him. He thanked Asahi for his love and support, and promised him that he will never give up his dream. Asahi was moved to tears despite unable to hear Haru clearly because of the passing train. He responded back at Haru with a punch in the air and a smile. On his way home, he saw Azusa fainted on the floor covered with blood!

My thoughts

I love the interaction between the siblings, especially between Hirika and Saturo. They were simply fantastic when placed together on scene. After watching this episode, I realized that most of the time, we take things for granted. Like the siblings I am guilty for taking kinship for granted at times. Human relationship is so delicate and fragile, yet strong and powerful. It seems like only Satoru saw Asahi love for his siblings completely, interestingly Satoru is also the one that harbour bad grudges and distant himself from the family. We all took things for granted in life as we were human after all and this episode taught us a lesson to be more appreciative of people who really matters.

The love story between Saturo and Mizuki was only mentioned briefly in this episode, however I can connect to Saturo feelings. He must be so upset for being kept in the dark all these years, having wasted his years and effort. It was only when Shinjo revealed the truth to him then he realized the dream that Mizuki has for him. I was presently surprised that Hirosue Ryoko cameo in this episode as Mizuki. She has been a good actress all these years and she has aged gracefully.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Takashi Kashiwabara Weibo update: Hello everyone, long time no see

English translation: 

Hello everyone, long time no see. I used another angle, not that of an actor to view video in a new perspective. I realized that this product was the result of the effort of many people whom I do not know. It does not only apply to the Entertainment industry, i am sure it applies to other occupations too. Everyone has their own responsibility. Thus, when we gather all these responsibilities together, it becomes a product. Perhaps, there are responsibilities in all sort of measures be it big or small. Despite that, everybody has a part to play to accomplish the product. 

Although I have been placing my emphasis on being an actor till now, I am still interested to know more about film making. Therefore, recently I have been experimenting with camera. Instead of fliming a video, I started with photography. This is just an ordinary work, but i wanted to upload a picture of the dessert which was sent to my friend house.  

When do you take photo? When you are with your friends, eating delicious foods, with beautiful sceneries, with someone whom you treasure... It is indeed meaningful to capture those precious moment. Drama or movies were interlinked to these photographs. 

It was indeed meaningful...