Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Takashi Kashiwabara weibo update: My hometown

大家好 夏季走近一看渐渐 照片拍摄我的家乡上个月在山梨县 赤 黄 緑   交通信号的是一个颜色顺序(笑) 我的家乡风我希望能达到你们 皆さんこんにちは 夏が徐々に近づいて来ました 写真は僕の育った山梨で先月撮影したものです 赤 黄 緑   信号機の配色順(笑) 故郷の風が皆様へ届きますように

English Translation: Hello everyone. Looks like it is going to be summer soon. Last month I took some photos of my hometown Kofu, Yamanashi. It follows the order of a traffic light: Red, Yellow, Green. :) I hope that the wind in my hometown would blow towards your direction. 

My thoughts 

Kassy love to take photo of nature and upload it on his Weibo. The sceneries of Kassy hometown were marvelous. However, it would be better to upload a picture of him and maybe a poem too. Since he used to be the lyricist of his music band Nowhere. 

I would love to visit Kofu, Yamanashi one of these days. Japan is such as beautiful place, I wished I would have the opportunity to visit his hometown and hopefully meet him personally. Of course that is just my wishful thinking. I supposed it is alright to dream! Lol.


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