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DramaQueen review: We Got Married

Korean reality variety show We Got Married has been running on broadcast for four years. This is their forth year in the making. Yes, this is the season four and the show is undergoing some changes along the way to improve viewership. The objective of the program is to put two celebrities together to form a virtual marriage where the couple have to accomplish missions (mini games) during this period of time.

The highlight of this variety show is to create an opportunity for the matchmake couples to interact with each other, and to convince the viewers of the possibility that these reel-life couples may eventually become real-life couple after spending their virtual marriage together. I am not a big fan of those fake marriage onscreen couple and the idea that these couple been "forced" together sounds cheesy and awkward. 

My first impression of the variety program is simply an illusion for the fans to cheer for a celebrity couple that they like and the actors/actress appears to be acting like what they does in a Korean drama. Simply placed that in a variety reality show context and this is what we see on the television. Each week, these celebrities couple that participated in the program will showcase their idea of a married life in a virtual marriage. 

These were my thoughts on We Got Married until one day, I happened to browse through the Internet and watched  a short segment of the show. Wow! I was impressed with the chemistry between each couple. Normally, this type of variety show is not my cup of tea. However, Kim Yura and Hong Jong Hyun changed my opinion of the variety show. They showed disagreement, jealousy and the sweetness that we see in a young couple. Those simple and straightforward way they presented themselves were interesting. Therefore, I begin to have interest in We Got Married. 

The bottom line is that we should not forget that these couples are just virtual couples in a virtual marriage. Let's not take their relationship so seriously and get too carried away. I feel that we should simply enjoy these fantasy couple amazing onscreen chemistry! 

Hong Jong Hyun and Kim Yura aka Jjongah couple

First Impression: They make a handsome couple to begin with. Hong Jong Hyun is a supermodel turned actor and Yura is a pretty idol from Girl's Day. They are so compatible visually that it created a great interest in me when they were first introduced. The idea of a big contrast in personality between this two celebrities attracted my attention. We have a calm, quiet, matured and handsome prince Jong Hyun, together with our bubbly and cute princess Kim Ah Young (Yura). Both of them are talented and skilled in their own ways. Jong Hyun surprised me with his handiwork! He is good with hammer and nails and he is great in problem-solving too. On the other hand, Ah Young is clumsy and cheerful. Her talent in drawings surprised me and I am truly impressed. Initially, I think Yura laughter is annoying, however I soon get used to her laughing in such a way. Perhaps that is simply her way to hide her awkward feeling? 

Rumors: Hong Jong Hyun and After School NaNa dating scandal. Both agencies and WGM producers had stepped in to denied the scandal. 

What netizens say: Yura is pitiful and it almost looks like she is desperate for Jong Hyun love. Some people commented that Jong Hyun is too cold to Yura and often looked annoyed when he is with her. Some viewers said that they have a sibling relationship rather than a married couple. 

My Verdict: In my opinion, this couple appears to be the most sincere towards each other. Hong Jong Hyun is an introvert person, while Yura is more outgoing. I like the way he took care of Yura in a quiet and gentlemanly manner. He has difficulties in expressing himself through aegyo and needs time to get close to someone. However, he did showed his playful side and teased Yura gradually. In my perspective, Jong Hyun is a blunt person and he is more matured than Yura. However, he did tried his best to adjust to Yura and get close to her at his own pace. There is no denial that Jong Hyun is attentive to Yura onscreen and listens to her most of the time. On the other hand, Yura is always so bright and enthusiastic. That makes Hong Jong Hyun look colder onscreen as he does not respond much to Yura antics.

Chemistry level: 5/5 - They are like the main characters in Itazura Na Kiss (Naoki and Kotoko). 

Possibility to date in real life: 4/5 - Unlike the rest of the couples, they took their time to know each other and not straight away jump into skinship. Perhaps personal feelings were involved just like what Jong Hyun had mentioned during the interview? Indeed, they are dating like friends in the show. Although, Jong Hyun used to date women that are more matured, he also seems to enjoy taking care of a younger lady too. Let's keep our fingers cross!

Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun aka SoRim couple

First impression: They are compatible and look good when placed together. Both of them want to outwit each other and were in some sort of competition on mind games. Those push and pull game in a relationship. Wow! They are not as simple as Jjongah relationship. 

Rumors: Kim So Eun stated that she will not date Song Jae Rim in real life during an interview. There was also a scandal between So Eun and Junho from boyband 2pm. 

What netizens say: Some people criticized Kim So Eun for her lack of professionalism. On the other hand, Song Jae Rim was praised for been gracious and kind to her partner. 

My verdicts: Jae Rim is a model actor and So Eun is an actress. I believe this two eye candies were simply acting to be into each other during the show. I mean how difficult can this be when they are both good at acting? There is no denial that they do have chemistry with each other, or else they would not have won the best couple awards. They act lovey dovey onscreen and Jae Rim been cheesy and aggressive at times.

Chemistry level: 5/5 - Those hot and sexy photoshot for their pictorial album. Wow! 

Possibility to date in real life: 2/5 - Kim So Eun has said it all. They will not date in real life. Song Jae Rim is really a sweet guy, I hope he will find someone better. 

Hong Jin Young and Nam Goong Min aka the Goong Jin couple 

First impression: The youngest Jjongah couple at the stage of getting to know each other. Sorim couple is like a pair of honeymoon couple. This eldest couple is simply the most season couple. They look like they have been through all the early stages and is very comfortable with each other.

Rumors: They are the only couple that has no scandal during the filming of the variety show. Hong Jin Young also stated that she is loyal to her We got married partner and refused to go out with people that are interested in her. 

What netizens say: They are the most favorite couple in many viewers eyes. However, the way they flirt with each other in a "matured" manner can be uncomfortable to some people. 

My verdicts: They are already in their thirties and the both of them does not have idol baggage. It is definitely very enjoyable to watch them onscreen. They are simply the most open and funny couple in the variety show. 

Chemistry level: 5/5 - They simply flirted everywhere they go! Smelling and hugging each other! Not to forget the kisses... :)

Possibility to date in real life: 3/5 - Nam Goong Min had stated that they will not date after the variety show but will remain in contact with each other. Perhaps they may remain as close friends or lovers in the future? I hope their chemistry in the program can be carried forward to real life. However, that could be our wishful thinking. Anyway, let's give them some space and not pressure them to be together. It is afterall just a virtual marriage. 


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