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Infinity Challenge Music Festival 2015 review

Infinity Challenge 2015 just held its Yeongdong Expressway music festival on 13 August. We get to watch the music showcase on television now. It is impressive that they keep improving everytime. This music festival will be held every two years and this year is the most impressive performances ever in my opinion. Each team has their own style despite having upbeat dance songs for the grand summer party! I love the beautiful stage, sound system, props, dancers and those stage effects (lasers, fireworks, pyrotechnics, confetti).

Looks like people from all over the world came here for the cool summer party, unfortunately they also left behind many rubbish overnight which is not cool at all. Please do not put the blame on Infinity Challenge team, they even have to ask their own staffs to clear the trashs! Although I have missed this chance to watch their live performance in Korea, i still can watch the video clips on Internet which is a consolation for me. Two years later, perhaps I may have the opportunity to be part of the Korea music festival. Anyway, these are the songs that were performed on that day.

1) Kwanghee, G-dragon and Taeyang (Hwangtaeji)

Title song: Mapsosa (Oh my gosh)
Music Review: GDYB in the house!!! It is a guarantee that this performance will be great. While these professional artistes were performing onstage, the audiences were seen partying with them too. What a fantastic way to start the performances and get the ball rolling! For once, I see Kwanghee as an idol instead of a comedian. It is obvious that Kwanghee is nervous and he tried his best to keep up his pace with GD and youngbae, the best part is that he did not disappoint. Despite some flaws, i can see that Kwanghee is diligent in his training and practices. Those hard work pays off onstage judging from the response from the audiences.

My only complaint is his shoulder pads which look so weird and funny. I share the same view as most of the netizens about Kwanghee blonde hair. He does look great in this hairstyle. Mapsosa is a cross version between Fantastic Baby and Bang, Bang, Bang. I think GD is really a music genius! That is simply an improvised version of Big Bang music and Kwanghee dream just came true! OH MY GOSH! HwangTaeJi hits number one in the music chart!!!

 2) IU and Park Myung Soo (EU God-G isn’t EU)

 Title song: Leon 
Music review: IU and DJ park is an unusual pair up in Infinity Challenge. However, I am surprised that they were able to blend their style of music so well!! IU always give the impression of a sweet and demure girl-next-door type of image. It is a refreshing change to see IU being a little sexy and fun loving. Their EDM song “Léon” portrays how the wanderer Léon and Matilda become involved in each other’s lives. In the performance, IU dresses like Matilda and mesmerizes the crowd with her short hair. This collaboration seem to be an adventure or should I say a musical experiment for the both of them.

The props that they earned in the previous episode proved to be too much for our DJ Park to handle. This poor man was captured shaking his hand after he spring out from the elevator and landed onstage. He looked so scared but he still tried his best to remain calm! Anyway, what's up with the weird sunglasses, it does not look good at all. The highlight of the day was the EMD music with Jae Hwan dancing while showing his flabby belly whenever he jumped onstage.

3) Haha and Zion-T (Eutteugeottasi)

Title song: Sponsors
Music Review: I am expecting quality in this team as they were already established musicians in their own rights. Truly, Zion-T hype up the atmosphere with his rendition of Michael Jackson dance move along with his soulful voice. We all know Haha can dance and is a reggae singer. However, this is the first time I ever saw Zion-T dance onstage. My initial thought was, "Oh Zion-T can dance, I am surprised." The song totally represented Zion-T style in every single bits. Haha deep voice actually blended well together with this song.

This is the only group that fully utilized the stage effects and props given to its fullest potential. The moment they stood on the lifter and flash the papers with pictures of themselves to the audiences, I can imagine myself among the audiences, grabbing all the "money" for memories sake! That makes me sad to miss this music festival. Anyway, I am sure one of these days I will have the opportunity to experience this type of concert in Korea.

The highlight of Sponsors is when Zion-T father rapped his son contact numbers during the performance! I actually thought that they were joking when they prepared that segment. Too bad, I am not among the audiences. Seriously, this publicity stunt is shocking. To think that Zion-T actually publicized his personal phone number! Although he said that he will answer the phone for a week, I highly doubt so as it will be a harassment for him. Anyway, this group won hands down in terms of "shock" factor. The edited version of course will erase that part of the song, which is totally understandable.

4) Jung Joon Ha and Yoon Sang (Sangjuna)

Title song: My life
Music review: This is the group with the least expectation which turned out to be the coolest group ever! I still remember the first time I heard our tribe rapper Jung Joon Ha embarrassing "rap" making me cringe, and I really hope that he will give up rapping. Surprisingly, within such a short period of time, Jung Joon Ha managed to correct his mistakes and delivered a rather decent rap is no easy feat!

The credit goes to Beenzino and he definite deserved a pat on the shoulder. Yoon Sang is also very accepting of Joon Ha idea and musical preferences. Along the way to success, there are many talented people who contributed their effort. No doubt, this group has benefited a lot from these musicians.

All the groups have their individual style and speciality. This group is no exception as they are the only team which try to mix a few elements in one song. They recruited powerhouse Sistar Hyorin to hit the all time high notes, masked face deejay playing the music and a famous Korean famous popping dancer to bring the concert to a new height. Jung Joon Ha is really impressive and easily grabbed the most improved artiste along with Kwanghee. I love the introduction when Joon Ha skating while rapping all the greetings. On the other hand, veteran musician Yoon Sang soothing calm voice is a delight to the song. I read some comments that this team was too ambitious to mix so many music elements together which seem all over the place. However, I think this group is still the coolest!

Yoo Jae Suk and Park Jin-young (Dancing Genome)

Title song: I'm so sexy
Music review: The introduction of this team immediately grabbed eyeballs when they suavely stood on the platform of the stage with sunglasses. Below them, there are "photographers" taking pictures of them! That is a smart and creative way to gather attention and it totally suit the song they are performing to the audiences.

I love that JYP used Yoo Jae Suk as an inspiration for his song and dance. This performance definitely must be performed with much confidence. They totally went all out to portray their sexiness and confidently displayed their dance move onstage. The chorus of the song was catchy and I foresee that the dance move is going to be a trend soon. The brushing of hair and touching their body! So hot and sexy! The pyrotechnics and fireworks which JYP desperately wanted bring the performance extra nuggets point too. All his effort are worthwhile, don't you think so? I'm so SEXY!!!

Jung Hyung Don and Hyukoh (The 5 Emperors)

Title song: Wonderful barn
Music review: Initially I have doubts regarding the music direction of this team. Country music has never been my cup of tea and placing this song as a finale does not sound appropriate to me too. However, I discovered how wrong am I to be so judgemental to their music.

Yes, they do not have the punch and dance groove like the rest of the teams, however they more than make it up with their enthusiasm and happiness. Now I know why Hyukoh choose to be placed in the finale! Their joyfulness and silly dance influenced the crowd and left a great impression on everyone as they went home joyfully. Watching their team performing is akin to watching a music carnival!

Hyukoh also invited a special guest to play the guitar for the team, while vocalist Ohhyuk sang so beautifully. No doubt Hyukoh is a rising indie band with its own sound. Jung Hyung Don looked so happy making those funny face and doing those silly dance. This song really matches his personality and image. In the midst of the song, his cowboy voice "eeeo...."reaches the sky and create a storm among the audiences! Even the celebrities were spontaneously dancing to their cute little country song. This mark the end of the performances. Which is your favourite team and why is that so? Please share with us your views. :)

Other than these performances of the night, there are also the performances of the previous years top three songs voted by the public. These are the three chosen songs.

1) Sagging snail ( Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Juk)

Title song: As I say

Year: 2011

Total vote: 5,018/ 16000 people (32%)

Music review: Although I do not understand Korean very well, I supposed there must be some great meaning behind the lyrics as shown on the screen. Lee Juk is the pianist and I think he composed this beautiful song too. Yoo Jae Suk may not be a professional singer, but he still did his best in delivering the song. I like the simple accompaniment from the piano and the guitar. Their delivery of this song is very sincere and touching. No wonder it is the number 1 chosen song.

2) Haha

Title song: Story of a short kid

Year: 2007

Total vote: 2,941/16000 (15%)

Music review: This song seem to be talking about himself. Haha totally owns the stage with his great performance. His reggae style easily connect to the audiences. I like the background of the stage (yellow, red and green) which matches Haha outfit and the song itself. There is a video clip of the performance in year 2007 when there were only a handful of audiences as compared to the magnificent crowd of this day. What a huge difference and all of them surely goes a long way to achieve success! What they have accomplished today was due to the hard work of yesterday.
3) Park Myung Soo and G-Dragon ( GG)

Title song: Having an affair

Year: 2011

Total vote: 1,652/16000 (10%)

Music review: I am a G-dragon bias. :) He is a music genius who can produce songs with catchy tune and great melody! I have great respect for this young and talented musician of all times. Everything he produced is a trend which includes his music sense. Those clothes and accessories he puts on immediately became fashionable too. He is truly a handsome and charismatic leader in the Kpop industry. We can clearly see his swag and strong stage presence together with Park Myung Soo. Don't they look cute and adorable dancing together? Not to mention GD killer smile! IU replaced 2NE1 Bom as the female vocalist for the highlight of this song. IU has a good voice and she looks beautiful in a white dress! The ending pose was nice and their chemistry was  great. GD was as cool as a cucumber despite wearing red. :)


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