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Drama Special: The reason I'm getting married

Sypnosis: Han Seung Woo (Song Jun Ho) and Kim Jiwon (Park Hee Bon) have been dating for six years and they were about to get married. However, Jiwon is upset at Seung Woo's unenthusiastic attitude towards their wedding. Lee Joon Ki (Hong Jong Hyun)  is a chaebol of a hotel who has a crush on Jiwon. Coincidentally, they meet each other while Jiwon is trying her wedding dress. It turns out that Jungi still liked Jiwon and intend to win her heart again. One day, Jiwon finds something that her late father left behind and finds out about what happen between Seung Woo and her father.  In the end who will Jiwon choose? Jiwon and Seung woo faced many obstacles while preparing for the wedding. Will they be able to get married? 

Drama Recap

Jiwon is getting married to her long time boyfriend. However, Seung Woo does not seem to care enough for Jiwon and leave all the wedding preparation to her. While Seung Woo is busy entertaining his bosses and suffered stress at work, Jiwon has no idea of the pain that he went through and reprimanded Seung Woo for being unconcern about their wedding. One day while trying her wedding gown, Jiwon meet Joon Gi who is a chabeol of the hotel. He praised Jiwon for her beauty and it took Jiwon some time to realize that she knew Joon Gi. 

A flashback to six years ago when they were still very young. Joon Gi who is younger than Jiwon mustered up all his courage and wrote a letter to Jiwon. However, Jiwon took that as a joke and teased him like a noona (older sister). When she introduced Seung Woo as her boyfriend, Joon Gi looked sad and disappointed.

Fast forward to present days, Joon Gi asked Jiwon is she going to remarry. Jiwon rebuked Joon Gi that she is not that old and she is getting married to Seung Woo. Unknown to her, Joon Gi is the CEO of lluso hotel, she mistakenly thought that Joon Gi is a valet. 

Those days when Jiwon and Seung Woo shared the sweet moments between them seem to be yesterday. Interestingly, they used Kim Jong Kook song - Lovable as the soundtrack. In comparison, nowadays the couple do not have time for each other. Due to the lack of communication, Jiwon misunderstood Seung Woo. 

Alone in his house, Joon Gi recollect the past when he confessed his feelings to Jiwon and was flatly rejected. I love the way Joon Gi sees Jiwon like a baby that he cherish. Sadly, Jiwon did not feel the same way as him. She only sees Joon Gi as a dongseung (younger brother). There is a spark in Joon Gi eyes as he seem to be deep in thoughts.

Joon Gi walked into his hotel reception and was immediately welcomed by the staff. At the hotel, he met Jiwon who came here to reserve her wedding venue and the wedding gown. Jiwon thought that Joon Gi is a valet and told him to get her car. Flustered, Joon Gi hilariously asked the valet about the parking lot while Jiwon is distracted by a phone call.

In the car, Jiwon received a phone call from Seung Woo and Joon Gi overheard that they will be meeting up. Joon Gi planned to stop Jiwon from meeting Seung Woo. He plotted and overlap and turn the car to the other lane, which caused the car that they were driving to collide with the car at the back. Joon Gi was send to the hospital and he tried to held back Jiwon who felt sorry for him.

Despite trying his best to prevent Jiwon from leaving, Jiwon still left Joon Gi with a message and went back to work. A desolate Joon Gi murmured to himself that Jiwon left again, indicating that she left him six years ago too. At work, Jiwon was confused and troubled by her thoughts. 

It was raining heavily and Jiwon did not bring her umbrella after she left her workplace. Joon Gi suddenly appeared by her side and sheltered her with an umbrella. There is still a distance between them and the rain dripped on Joon Gi shirt. Jiwon noticed that and asked Joon Gi to come closer to prevent getting wet.

Joon Gi took a step forward and wrap his arm around her shoulder. Jiwon was caught by surprised. The next moment, he shield Jiwon from a passing vehicle that splashed water on the road. As a gentleman, Joon Gi was drenched in the rain and he asked Jiwon if she would join her in the cold. 

Feeling puzzled, Jiwon asked Joon Gi why did he come here. Without answering, Joon Gi moved forward and planted a kiss on Jiwon lips. 

It was then that Jiwon finally understood Joon Gi feelings for her and acknowledged it. She felt sorry for misleading Joon Gi all these years and also apologized for the misunderstanding

Jiwon told Joon Gi that she is looking for a rich man to marry so that her family will be well taken care of financially since her father had passed away when she was still young. Hearing that revelation, Joon Gi revealed his identify as a chaebol of the hotel to the surprise of Jiwon. Six years ago, Joon Gi professed to be rich and that was actually the truth which Jiwon took it lightly. On the other hand, Seung Woo drove to Jiwon work place to pick her up from work, and he witnessed the happenings between Jiwon and Joon Gi. He misunderstood the whole situation and thought that Jiwon has a change of heart. 

Refused to give up, Joon Gi tried to pursue Jiwon back. On the other hand, Jiwon was troubled and confused. Her friends met her at the bar and offered advice to her. One of her friend mentioned that it does not matter if her partner is rich as long as she can accept everything about him. Jiwon dropped Joon Gi a message, while he drove over as soon as possible. However, Jiwon and her friends left before he arrived. Joon Gi found a letter on the table and a message on it which stated - I'm sorry. 

Jiwon went back home with a weary heart and suddenly remembered that today is her father death anniversary. Seung Woo had came to the house earlier to prepared everything. Her mother and sister talked to Jiwon about their late father. Jiwon gradually dozed off to sleep and dreamt of her late father. She opened the door and heard the conversation between Seung Woo and her father. Seung Woo asked Jiwon father for his daughter hand and promised to be there for her. In response, Jiwon father make Seung Woo promise  that no matter what, he has to live longer than Jiwon in order to take care of her.

At Jiwon's father wake, Seung Woo consoled her family and carried her sister on his back for a rest. He had promised to take care of Jiwon and her family and has been doing that all these years. Overwhelmed with emotion, Jiwon rushed to Seung Woo house and asked him to marry her. Of course, that is a happy ending for the couple as Seung Woo pulled Jiwon in for a kiss. The next  thing we know, they are married. 

The couple were back to teasing each other but they found joy in something as tiny as bickering with each other. When Jiwon ask Seung Woo causally why did he married her, without a second thought he planted a kiss on Jiwon lips. That is to indicate, "I love you" and Seung Woo showed his affection through action. The both of them smiled sweetly at each other , knowing that they have found happiness. The crystal ball that was placed on the table, represented Jiwon father watching over the couple.

Drama Queen review 

How to resist such a rich, hot and handsome guy like Hong Jong Hyun? Where can we find such a devoted lover like Joon Gi? These two guys love Jiwon wholeheartedly, although Joon Gi resort to using obnoxious method to win Jiwon over.  Despite that, i  am envious of Jiwon happiness and to have Hong Jong Hyun one-sided love.

This mini drama is about romance and I watched it solely because of Hong Jong Hyun after watching his appearance in We Got Married. The moral of the story is to tell us that communication between a couple is very important to prevent any misunderstanding. We should accept each other flaws and practically everything. It is important not to pick on minor issue such as material things which does not necessary bring happiness.  Cherish the happiness that you have while it last. 

I am glad that Jiwon married Seung Woo in the end. He had proved to be reliable and always stand by her side. It is heartwarming to see Seung Woo taking care of Jiwon and her family when her father passed away. I like the conversation between Seung Woo and Jiwon father at the hospital bed. It is touching to hear that Seung Woo promised to marry Jiwon and take responsibility of the family happiness. 

In conclusion, this mini drama is nice, sweet and has typical story line. However, the drama does not have time for the writer to develop the character of each person. I do not have much connection with these characters as everything seem so short. it is just a segment  among other stories. I realize that it is a trend in Korean drama to cast a noona-dongseung love line. Hong Jong Hyun was coincidentally also a young and handsome chaebol in another Korean drama - Mama. On a side note, the heroine look like Kim Tae Hee. Maybe it is just me that think so, anyway i will write a drama review on  Mama. Do keep a look out! :) 

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  1. I loved this drama as well and the way you described it over here is absolutely wonderful <3 <3!!