Friday, September 11, 2015

WGM Rooftop couple: Hong Jong Hyun and Kim Yura

Why I love this onscreen couple? The reason why I root for this virtual marriage is because of their fabulous chemistry. I have great interest in their interaction since they met each other in the first episode. I wonder how their "relationship"  will progress since they have opposite personality which created a great contrast between them. How to melt our "impenetrable" ice prince heart? Ulsan Princess Yura has also shown us her irresistible charm in We Got Married. Now if only their marriage is real! That must be the most beautiful fairy tale story ever. :)

1) Gentleman Vs Sweet lady

Yes, Hong Jong Hyun is a gentleman and he always show this cool image onscreen. Although he has never do anything in particular romantic such as opening the car door for his lady, he did treat Yura tenderly like what a gentleman does for a girl. I love it when Hong Jong Hyun took this sweet couple picture together with his wife. On the other hand, Yura is also an understanding wife despite her child-like personality. She did not blame Jong Hyun for missing the Bali trip due to Jong Hyun busy schedule. In addition, she treated Jong Hyun very well such as cooking for him and buying gifts for her virtual husband. 

2) Hot Vs Sexy 

Hong Jong Hyun is a professional model, but he has lost his composure when faced with our cutie pie Yura. Who can resist this charming young lady? I love how nervous and shy Hong Jong Hyun felt during the photo shot. Yura even heard his heartbeat racing while lying down on Jiong oppa. What a lovely couple! I love their wedding pictorial book and Yura shorts is really quite short, i am sure Hong model has been trying hard to concentrate in front of the camera. 

3) Handiwork Vs Drawing

Both of them may be in total contrast in term of personality wise, however there were some things which they are similar. For example, Yura is gifted in drawing and I was impressed with the stretch of her husband. On the other hand, Jjiong oppa is good with his hands, making an easel board for his Ahyoungie. It is good that they admire each other talent and skills, i am sure they do learn more about building a relationship during this period of time in We Got Married. Love is in the air! 

4) Push Vs Pull

Hong Jong Hyun seem to have more dating experience than Yura. It is very obvious that Yura like Jong Hyun very much, whereas Jong Hyun does not give much attention or reaction as compared to Yura. However, Jong Hyun is actually slowly warming up and observing Yura during this period of time. They did a little push and pull in this relationship. Most of the time, Yura took the initiative to get closer but Jong Hyun seem willing to obliges to Yura wish. As long as the wish is reasonable, Jong Hyun will follow Yura lead. It is funny how Jong Hyun play the dominance part in their "relationship" but reluctantly give in to his young and cute wife. Many times during the interview, Jong Hyun praised Yura for being cute. Undeniably, they like each other as a partner in We Got Married. 

5) Impenetrable prince Vs Bubbly princess 

I noticed that Hong Jong Hyun may look cool and distant to people especially strangers, but he often smiled and even sneak a peek at Yura every now and then. He often look at Yura adoringly despite being inexpressive. Yura had accomplished her mission which is to break the wall between them. Her contagious laughter, expressive nature, aegyo and pure innocence is her charm. Being around someone like her who has high energy and is approachable definitely makes the people around them happy and comfortable. They seem to find their ideal type in each other. 

6) Oppa Vs Dongseung 

Hong Jong Hyun had mentioned that Yura look too young for him. His friends also revealed that he used to date girls that are of the same age or older than him. I heard that the reason being his unwillingness to "babysit" someone. It seems like he is reluctant to take care of his girlfriend. However, he seem to naturally takes care of Yura in We Got Married and he even claimed that he does not dislike it. Yura said that Jjiong oppa is like a father to her, he must be good in taking care of our clumsy princess. Been described as a "father" figure must sounds weird and funny to Jong Hyun but I am sure it feels good to be praised by his wife. Yura may have some childish behavior but she is so bright and lovable. I am sure Jiong oppa is happy to spend time with his lovely Dongseung. 

7) Introvert Vs Extrovert 

Hong Jong Hyun is shy and quiet, whereas Yura is friendly and talkative. Their character complement each other perfectly  and make their pairing so interesting. I observed that Jong Hyun often smile at Yura and enjoys listening to her. He remembers many things about Yura during their interaction. For instance, Yura mentioned that she cannot hold on to something for long and she is choosy about foods. Her favorite food is actually beef. It is kind of sweet that Jong Hyun surprisingly take note of these small details. On the other hand, Yura is also very sporting and does whatever her Jjiong oppa request her to do. 

8) Dog Vs Cat

They are different like dog and cat. However, they look so good together visually. Hong Jong Hyun has a dog named Haerong and Yura has a cat at home. Yes, their character resemble their pets too. Yura is the sexy and cute kitten and Jong Hyun is like a playful dog that enjoys teasing Yura. Their relationship is like a comfortable friendship with an opening for romance. Remember Yura mentioned that Jong Hyun look like her cat? Therefore it is true that people who are in love resemble each other. On the other hand, Yura is like a cute puppy during the pool side scene, paddling like a dog trying to swim.

9) Deep thinker Vs Pure innocence 

Hong Jong Hyun is a deep thinker. Most of the time, he look so serious and cautious. However, I think he has transformed and change into a more cheerful person now. Ahyoungie has indeed make him loosen up and smile more as compared to their awkward first time meeting at MBC Station. Yura on the other hand is very straightforward in expressing herself but she has been more calm whenever she is together with her Jjiong oppa. 

10) Competitive Vs Competitive 

Despite being as different as night and day, there is something similar about them and that that is having the same competitive spirit. If there is game to win prizes, this cute couple will definitely try their best to win. Remember the pepero game which shocked everyone? That is the cute thing about this couple. There are numerous time when this couple showed that they wanted to win in games. I like how fast the couple was made to connect and to rush things a little for us viewers to watch their progression through missions and mini games. Getting married within meeting each other for the first time and spending just two hours? They must have broke the record for getting married the fastest in We Got Married history. Good Job to the program director! Well if only Jjionah couple has more segments and episodes, to feed my greedy heart. Anyway, i am pleased to hear that this couple will continue to contact each other after they parted ways in We Got Married.

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  1. I love how you described this couple that I just recently discover after watching their tandem in WGM years ago. I saw how real and genuine their reactions towards each other which made their chemistry even stronger. Since I got hooked on their partnership I started searching via google article if by any chance they are now real couple or if the have new drama series since I'm not from Korea.

    Hope they will have more projects together like a drama series since I've seen Hong Jong Hyun superb acting skills in Scarlet Heart Ryeo (I haven't seen yet any drama series where Yuma is).