Monday, December 28, 2015

Taeyang’s Rise Concert

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Taeyang’s Rise Concert
Tickets bought and ready to go

This is way overdue but here it is finally… After attending GD’s concert last year, Taeyang had his own concert this year. So DramaQueen and I decided to reward ourselves this year wait a concert as well. (P.s. DramaQueen was so smitten with Big Bang that she went to Big Bang’s concert in Singapore and when they made their appearance at the countdown celebrations at the beginning of 2015!)
Taeyang’s Rise Concert
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Anyways, Taeyang’s ‘Rise’ concert was held at Singapore Expo Hall 3 and this time round we actually went for the moshpit. Thank goodness it wasn’t as chaotic and overbearing as it could have been, but one thing is for sure I am not going to do moshpit ever again! All that shoving and standing was simply too tiring… my poor feet… Lol T

Taeyang’s Rise Concert
The beginning of the concert
There was this really enthusiastic fanboy, yes boy (?!) not girl, who was behind me singing along loudly but unfortunately using my head as a microphone. Haha Needless to say, it was some serious washing of hair that night when I went home. Though I have to admit, standing at the moshpit gave a pretty good view.

Taeyang’s Rise Concert
Taeyang’s Rise Concert
Taeyang’s Rise Concert
Taeyang’s Rise Concert

After concluding his Malaysia tour the day before, Taeyang arrived in Singapore on the morning of the concert. During the concert, he jokingly said that he took a bus down to Singapore but did not know that it was that far. Fans were treated to some classic tracks from Taeyang’s first solo album, Solar, such as ‘Body‘, ‘Superstar‘and ‘Move’. Of course, he also sang songs from his latest album, ’Rise’, which took him 4 years make with songs like ‘This Ain’t It’, ‘Ringa Linga’, ‘1AM ‘and ‘Stay With Me’.

Unlike GD’s energetic flirty flamboyant performance, Taeyang was a little more reserved gentle homey in his performance style, but he still managed to bring the house down with his dance skills (and showing a lot of skin).

Taeyang’s Rise Concert

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Kim Jong Kook leading Turbo again

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This year marked the 20th anniversary of Turbo, the famous 90's idol group. Moving on with time, they prepared their style of old school music as a gift for their fans during this holiday season. How do they maintain their youth and passion for music? At the age of almost forties, some people says that it is hard to compete with the younger idols. However, I think Turbo re debut is to celebrate their 20th anniversary and for old fans like us who reminisce about old school music. I am pleasantly surprised by their energy and they do look good dressed in all black.  This time round, Turbo re debut as a trio, instead of a duo. Mikey and Kim Jung-nam are rappers of Turbo and it is interesting to see them join forces to perform with our vocalist Kim Jong Kook.Turbo will always occupy a special place in their fans heart, despite so many years. If you have not seen their music video, do check them out!

Turbo - Again 

This is the old school style of Turbo music and credit goes to Kim Jong Kook who make this reunion so special. I love the way Kim Jong Kook took care of his buddies and worked hard towards his goals. They did their best to perform and dance for their fans for this past twenty years. I am personally moved by their sincerity to deliver their best. Turbo is united as one team now and have overcome many difficulties along the way. Everything about them is old school, from their appearances to their music and dance. Bravo to them for keeping up with times and being as spontaneous as the youngsters. Yoo Jae Suk are featured at the beginning and at the end of the track, introducing himself as MC Nal Yoo. Additionally, actors Cha Tae Hyun and Lee Kwang Soo make a special cameo at the end of the video as the credits thanking everyone who has participated in the creation of the 20th anniversary music video rolled through. I heard the Chinese version of this song and it sounds really weird, but who cares? It is Turbo! 

Turbo - Hide and Seek

This song is released during the Christmas season to the delight of  their fans. The music video is very cute and innocent, with dreamy snow as the background. I like to see the bromance between the three brothers and personally admire their friendship. The song has a tinge feeling of their previous hit song - December. For younger people who do not know them, they are the 90's idol group with hit songs such as Cyber, Black cat and Twist King. Yes, Turbo is back and i am looking forward to more of their performance in the future.

Turbo - Is love 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Infinite Effect Singapore concert

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I had the opportunity to watch Infinite Effect concert on 13 November 2015. Thanks to Starhub Onetvasia, i won a pair of tickets to the concert and a chance to take group photo with the other lucky fans, It was unexpected and was a surprised to me that i won the tickets since i already won the tickets to Return of the Cuckoo. Anyway, i am glad to have this opportunity to watch their live performance and to see them in person. 

It was a rather last minute notice as i only received the phone call from them one day prior to Infinite Singapore press conference.In addition, i was informed that they will conduct an interview with me as a promotion for Starhub. The next day, i was told to go down personally to City Square mall to collect the tickets. I was prepared to face the camera for their interview, although i was very nervous. 

Interestingly, i was arranged to join another group of girls to shoot the interview. They asked me two questions: 1) Who is your favorite infinite member? 2) How do you feel right now? I was a little nervous in front of the camera and replied my favorite infinite member is L and that i am very happy. After that, we were told to thank Onetvasia and wave the concert tickets to the camera enthusiastically. I would say that the whole experience is interesting and only one thing is on my mind - Will i look good on Tv? 

The following day, i was told to bring my friend along for the group photo with Infinite at Suntec City Conference Hall. It was a last minute notice as well and my friend could not make it for the photo taking session which is a pity as the organizer pointed out. I certainly hope to have company, however, i understand that everyone have to work and may not be able to make it for occasion like this. Therefore, i am alone when i arrived at 5pm and was surprised to see so many fan girls seated outside the concert venue. Many of them were teenagers and i suddenly feel out of place among the crowds. Anyway, i chatted with the Starhub organizer as we waited for their interview to be over. Eventually, we waited for one and a half hour outside the venue and i was getting tired. Unlike the other lucky fan girls that even brought gifts for their idols, i did not bring anything at all. The devoted fans even prepared their paper and pen for the idols to sign. However, we were told in advance that we may not be able to pass those gifts to the idols or even get them to sign because the Korean management agency were rather strict in these area. We were only promised to have a photo-shoot with Infinite and we have to abide the rule strictly. 

Finally, we were allowed to go backstage to meet the Infinite members. We were ushered in by the Starhub organizer while many fans watched us walking in with envious eyes. Once behind the closed door, we were told to keep quiet as Infinite is about to finish recording their Interview. The security guards were keeping a close watch around us and even warn us before hand not to take out our hand phone to take pictures or else we will be asked to leave. Some of the fans could not contain their excitement and squealed upon spotting their idols. The security guards were rather fierce and warned them to quieten down. While i can understand that Infinite is doing recording and we should be quiet, i think the security guard sounds rude when he gave command and hurry us. 

The infinite members greeted us politely and some fans even shouted "oppa" on the way to see them in person. They look exactly like they were on television and some of the fans were starstuck and can't believed that they saw their idols right in front of their eyes. Maybe i am not a big fan of Infinite and considering that the other fan girls were younger than me (Students), i felt the need to be more matured and composed in front of the idols. We were told to stand in front of infinite and due to their height, the fan girls in front have to bend down a little. We took the pictures at the speed of lighting and was told to leave immediately. I am glad to high-five with L, shake hands with Kim Sung-Kyu and say goodbye to the rest of the members. The experience was interesting and fast at the same time. Before we know it, we were ushered out as Infinite need to prepare for the concert. The fans did not even get the chance to pass their gifts to the idols. Finally, we were outside and i waited for my friend to arrive and watch the concert with me. 


The concert start exactly at 7.30pm and the fans squealed so loud till our ears hurts. We won the first category concert tickets and the stage was quite close to us. Anyway, we were told to not to take photograph in the concert. Therefore, my friend do abide to the rules in case the security guard take away our hand phone. In order to enjoy the concert, i gave my phone to my friend for taking pictures. However, we did not really take many pictures because the security is quite tight. During the solo performance of the members, many fans swarm near the stage to be close to the idols. For a person like me who enjoys party, i immediately went near the stage too. The only thing is that i forgotten to take the hand phone from my friend, therefore i lost the opportunity to take picture of them up close. Anyway, it is alright as i took picture with them already.

Among all their songs, i love Bad and Back the most. Infinite are really handsome and charismatic on stage, especially L and Woo Hyun. This korean boy band is good at dancing, unfortunately Hoya had to sit on a chair due to his leg injuries. The rest of the members did their best to perform on stage and we were satisfied with their performance. In my opinion, the sound system is not very good, but the enthusiasm from the fully packed conference hall make up for the flaws.

Comeback again

It is still the best to stand up and dance to the music than seated down lifelessly while under the watchful eyes of the security guards. Anyway, it is the first time i was seated in category one section for a concert and i have nothing to complain since it is considered "free" since i won the tickets. They are able to sing and dance to their songs throughout the two hours show and i like it that they performed many songs from their albums instead of doing fan service such as talking. Perhaps it is the language barriers but i am glad that they focus on performance more than anything. Despite the lack of special effects, they still did well in entertaining us during their performance. 

Towards the end of the performance, we were standing near the stage with other fans. They threw paper aeroplane at the audiences and fans were seen grabbing them fanatically. I wonder did the fans get injured in the process? It is too dangerous to do that in a concert and they should consider the safety of the fans after all. Instead of throwing paper areoplane with their signatures on it, they should have a lucky draw for fans to win those prizes instead. One of the paper areoplane flew pass our direction. My friend is close to it but the paper areoplane was snatched by another fan girl instead. For my friend safety, it is good that she did not grab the paper or else it may become a cat fight and for this sort of thing, it is not worth getting hurt.

Out of curiosity, i asked the fan girl to show us what is written in the paper. It turns out that it is L signature in it. The fan girl look at us cautiously as though we have the intention to steal away from her. I assured her that i just want to see and that is all. No way will i steal this pierce of paper and it is funny how some fan girls behaved. Anyway, just when i am about to take a picture of the paper, the light was switched off and i had to return the paper to her. We intend to ask from her later, maybe after the concert. Unfortunately, this fan girl was caught taking picture of Infinite on her LGD camera. Her camera was confiscated on the spot by the security guard. The flash of the camera gave her away and it was unfortunate that she was discovered. After the concert, my friend asked me to request for that paper again and i was thick skinned enough to ask again. She gave me a black faced and said it was with her friend who was escorted away by the security guard. Opps! At least i asked her and it is alright that we did not get to take photo of the paper for our blog. Anyway, i left the concert feeling good and brought back many good memories of the events.


Infinite Effect