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Movie Review: My P.S partner


The movie is about the romance of Hyun Seung (played by Ji Sung) and Yoon Jung (played by Kim Ah Joong). Their romance started with a 'secret' phone call to the wrong person. Instead of calling her boyfriend, Yoon-jung accidentally calls a total stranger, Hyun-seung, a man who is having trouble getting over his ex-girlfriend. She ends up having phone sex with him and later, they become comfortable with each other and start talking about their respective relationship problems. They eventually decide to meet and a more intimate friendship develops, which leads to both falling for each other.

Starring: Ji Sung, Kim Ah Joong, Shin So Yool, and Kang Kyung Joon 

Spoilers ahead (Only for 19+ audience)


The story begin with Hyun Seung having a farewell gathering with his friends. Hyun  Seung ex girlfriend So Yeon was present and Hyun Seung still misses her. Desperate to rekindle their relationship, he chased after So Yeon only to see her happily hugging her new boyfriend. To make matter worse, his close friends actually knew about this a long time ago and chose to keep the secret from him. 

Devastated, Hyun Seung reminisces about the time he had with So Yeon, tears rolling down his eyes. What a steamy scene with actress Shin So Yool baring her top and Ji Sung sexiness!

Suddenly, a phone call from a stranger awaken him. The person on the other line is Yoon Jung. Thinking that she is talking to her boyfriend, she started to have a sexy talk with him. To her surprise, the person at the other end is not her boyfriend ! She was shocked that she had phone sex with a total stranger!  

Yoon-Jung expected her Boyfriend to propose to her during their 5 years anniversary and was disappointed that she received a hair clip instead of a ring.

Hyun Seung was distracted during work as he thought of the day they broke up. Apparently, So Yeon left him because he is penniless and his aspiration is to be a singer-song writer. She wanted a rich boyfriend who is capable to take care of her.

Hyun Seung still cannot get over her ex-girlfriend. Despite his buddies trying their best to console him. Ji Sung is so good in acting and his tears touches my heart. That is what we call a professional actor.

Yoon-Jung received a call from the stranger that she accidentally dial the other day. She was shocked and called him a psychopath! The hilarious expression Ji Sung made was so funny. He does have a funny bone in him!

Sensing that Hyun Seung was heartbroken like her, Yoon Jung initiated a conversation with him and comforted him. They discovered that they have a connection with each other. Both were disappointed with their respective lover.

In order to persuade her boyfriend to marry her, Yoon Jung brought a sexy nightgown to have a naughty night with him. However, her boyfriend responded coldly to to her and uses work as an excuse to avoid her. 

Hyun Seung and Yoon Jung began to talk on the phone frequently. They exchange pointers and shared secrets about their respective partner. 

Still in the state of recovering from a heartbreak, Hyun Seung thought about the past events with So Yeon and was sexually deprived?

Hyun Seung called Yoon Joon and was sexually arose by her moaning. When Yoon Joon Mother open the bathroom door, Yoon Joon immediately pretended to read a book. 

They continue to converse with each other on the phone and confined their problems with each other. Suddenly, Hyun Seung suggested to meet one of these days. However, Yoon Jung was hesitant and rejected the idea. Hyun Seung question Yoo Jung if her boyfriend has ever cheated on her. A flashback brought us to Yoon Jung driving past her boyfriend company and saw him hugging another woman. Tears rolled down Yoon Jung eyes as she cannot believe what she had seen earlier.

A colleague asked Hyun Seung out for a movie and he coincidentally saw So Yeon with her boyfriend at the movie theater. He felt so dejected after the movie and was left alone to grief. On the other hand, Yoon Jung went for a social gatherings and the girl that hang out with her boyfriend is around. She felt so angry that she imagined punishing them. Unfortunately, that was just in her mind and she do not have the courage to face this betrayal issue. 

Yoon Jung was disappointed by the betrayal of her boyfriend with a younger woman. On the way home, she saw a wedding grown on display and stared at it longingly. She thought of Hyun Seung and called to meet up. While anticipating her P.S partner, she met an unpleasant looking man who asked for direction to a convenience store. Afraid to be disappointed, Yoon Jung decided to cancel the meet up, but Hyun Seung had already arrived and she saw him at the escalator. Fortunately, Hyun Seung is a handsome man and they were pleased  with what they see. 

There were some sexy bed scene of Yoon Jung and Hyun Seung. After they met, they were quickly in each other arms, to heal their emotional wounds. Perhaps, Hyun Seung was too aggressive and hot for Yoon Jung to handle, she was shocked and rejected his further advance.

They decided to take things slow and talk on the phone like they always do near the bed. Both of them felt comforted and warm as they confined in each other. As they get closer and closer, they were in the bed together. The next moment we know they were in each other embrace, locking lips with each other lovingly.

Cover themselves with a blanket and the rest is history. Both wounded puppies seeking comfort and love from each other. I think that sort of sum up the whole story in a sentence.

Hyun Seung was with his buddies at the bowling alleys, he was informed about his ex girlfriend So Yeon having broke up with the boyfriend and the news of his friend heartbreak. On the other hand, Yoon Jung and her boyfriend were dinning at her friend Japanese restaurant. 

So Yeon wanted patch things up with Hyun Seung and he does not know what to do. Under Yoon Jung advice, he pretended to be a different person. Playing hard to get is a tactic which went hilariously wrong.

Poor Hyun Seung was depressed after the reunion with So Yeon and he gave a call to Yoon Jung. She rushed over to comfort the wounded puppy under the heavy rain. 

Yoon Jung asked Hyun Seung why he is upset and he kept silence initially, but not for long as Yoon Jung threaten to leave him alone. Hyun Seung disclosed that he was upset with the comparison about his and her boyfriend private part and it measures more than him. 

Hyun Seung cautiously asked Yoon Jung to compare his and her boyfriend, and was relieved to hear that he is better than her boyfriend. They spend the rest of the day recording songs in the house or should i say playing with sounds to amuse themselves and to know each other better. Hyun Seung was touched when Yoon Jung praised him for his talent in music. He lean over to kiss her, but she moved backwards to avoid the kiss.

The next day, they had breakfast together in a cafe. While Hyun Seung stepped away to the counter to foot the bill, Yoon Jung saw her classmate and tried her best to avoid. Unfortunately, she was spotted by her classmate and was make fun by her. In order to help Yoon Jung take revenge, Hyun Seung make fun of her in public and said that she looked like a sea turtle. Ouch! That is pretty mean and hurtful. Needless to say, she gave Hyun Seung a slap on the face. 

Yoon Jung reprimanded him for his reckless act and he apologized for that. Hyun Seung said that in order to love some one, you must love yourself first. Yoon Jung was thankful to Hyun Seung for standing up for her. She stepped forward and gave Hyun Seung a kiss on the lips, all in full view of his buddies.

Both of them thought about the kiss and tried to figure out what it means to them. They were confused with their feelings and how to handle their relationship. He had a drink with his two buddies as they discussed about love issue.

Yoon Jung boyfriend wanted to have some sexy time with her in the car, however she rejected his advance. Her boyfriend felt something is amiss as she seem to be cold towards him. On the other hand, Hyun Seung had a talk with his buddies and he became more aware of his feelings for Yoon Jung. He tried to call Yoon Jung but was dismay to hear a male voice on the other end. It is Yoon Jung boyfriend who became suspicious of the strange numbers in her phone. In order to help Yoon Jung, he pretended to be angry with her for the accidental phone call.

In a fit of anger, Hyun Seung had a fight with the patrons at the nightclub and was brought to the police station with his friends. So Yeon came to bailed them out and Hyun Seung was shocked to see her again. 

So Yeon is having some regrets as she cannot get over Hyun Seung and wanted to get back together. On the other hand, Yoon Jung boyfriend proposed to her and apologized for taking so long to marry her. I think instead of love, her boyfriend is more insecure or being threatened of his position as her boyfriend and wanted to desperately "possess" her as an object. On the other hand, So Yeon letting go of Hyun Seung at the first place is a wrong decision after all.

Yoon Jung was apprehensive of the whole event and discovered that she does not want to get married with her boyfriend now. She finally decided to run into the arms of Hyun Seung but was upset when she saw him with his girlfriend together. She pretended to be happy and gave a wedding invitation card to them. Despite the effort to start all over again, So Yeon was rejected  by Hyun Seung as he clearly knows that he had given his heart to Yoon Jung.

Hyun Seung decided to go on a vacation with his buddies to heal his broken heart. During the trip, he realized from his friends that it is too early to give up as he did not even confess his feeling to Yoon Jung. It was obvious that Yoon Jung does not want to marry her boyfriend. The only reason she hang on to the person is because she had wasted five years with him and yearn to bear fruits as in marriage.

Yes, finally Hyun Seung confessed to Yoon Jung infront of everyone. However, it not the typical type of romantic confession. Hyun Seung rushed to the wedding venue and sung the panties song to her. Oh my gosh! I will be terribly embarrassed by him if i am Yoon Jung. However, the lyrics is very direct and funny, somehow it sound good with Ji Sung singing it on stage. I admit that i have a weak spot for someone like Ji Sung.  

Finally, the confrontation between those involved in the adultery. Yoon Jung pointed out his boyfriend unfaithfulness with another woman. It was a messy "wedding" with finger pointing. At least they settled their personal problems. In the end, they decided to leave behind everything and sort out their own life.

After some time, Yoon Jung get back to work where she is the most charming and confident. On the other hand, Hyun Seung fulfilled his dream as a singer-songwriter as the popular song he wrote was played on air. A fan called in to sing his song and it turns out to be Yoon Jung as she sang along sweetly. Hyun Seung recognized her voice and smiled. 


The story is a refreshing and daring exploration for Korean movie. Nudity and bed scene were a daring move and they even openly discuss about sex and uses expletive in the film. Shin So Yool went topless onscreen and did a steamy act with Ji Sung was a surprised to me. It seems that the Korean are more open to the idea of discussing about Sex now than before. No doubt, this movie is rated as an adult film and used a lot of reference on sex. They even directly imply to it every now and then to the audiences.

Although i love the pairing of Kim Ah Joong and Ji Sung, they do not make a deep connection in the movie because of the script. Most of the time, they only acted as wounded puppies who licked on each other wounds. Their physical contact and bed scene was romantic and hot, but only if both party are as good looking as the main leads. What are the chances of meeting a good looking person in an accidental phone sex? Anyway, both of them were so attractive and charming in their own ways. In addition, we can see the toned abs of Ji Sung! Yes, i am thinking how fortunate his wife Lee Bo Young is, to have such a handsome husband.


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