Saturday, June 03, 2017

Drama Queen Report: Kim Woo Bin Throat Cancer

Korean Entertainment was plague by yet another heartbreaking news. The famous actor that starred in The heirs is diagnose with a rare cancer which happened to a small percent of people. Unfortunately, Kim Woo-Bin was down with the illness. He initially wanted to keep it low profile and even wanted to complete the filming for his upcoming movie. However, the director advised him to rest and recuperate at the hospital. Thankfully Kim Woo-Bin heed his advice and went for body check up. Apparently, Kim Woo-Bin showed symptom such as nose bleed and decided to go for a health screen. It was found out at the initial state and it's still curable with medication and therapies. 

His girlfriend actress Shin Min-ah is presentally taking care of Kim Woo-Bin health and giving his emotional support. After reading the article, I was so shocked! How can a person that look healthy be sick so suddenly? Actually, the workload of an actor can be demanding. I appreciate his professionalism but at the same time he need to take care of his health. I am glad that he found out about his illness in the initial state and decided to focus on his recovery. This issue also serve as a reminder to us not to take our health for granted. 

I am glad that Kim Woo-Bin shared about his illness through the media as this matter will sooner or later dig up by the paparazzi. I just hope for his speedy recovery. I believe he does not want to be disturb during this period of time. All the best his recovery and I hope to see him soon on the silver screen. 


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