Saturday, May 05, 2018

Chocolatier Zino, Paju (South Korea)

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Café Zino, Paju (South Korea)
From the outside, it is a pretty impressive looking mansion like building that was probably someone’s house in the past.

Chocolatier Zino appeared in the Korean drama – Goblin: The Lonely and Great God. The restaurant scene(s) which was supposed to be Quebec City in Canada was actually taken in Café Zino, Paju, Gyeonggi a province of South Korea. 

[The “Canadian Restaurant” in Goblin isn’t in Canada…but somewhere else entirely]

[Goblin's restaurant in Quebec turns out to be found in South Korea

Curious (and having two Korean drama fans with us), we decided to visit this place. It was quite a hilly route to get there and some mean driving skills driving up and down the slopes; the slopes were seriously steep. It is definitely a place that you need to have a car, but for the drama fanatics and the adventurous there is a location course for the drama that you can follow from Visit Korea.

Apparently it is quite accessible by public transport and a bit of walking to the café, but only if you intend to visit this one place. However, to travel through the whole recommended course, you would definitely need a car as the 4 attractions are at least 16km to 42km apart, and the total travel time by car is 3 hours just to get to the places; Chocolatier Zino being the last one on the list. [Read more about our experience here]


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