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The Fish's Overflowing Fragrance Chapter 4: Fateful Encounter

The man was handsome and exuded an air of sophistication, but he was also as cold as ice, silently standing there. Just his visage alone was enough to mesmerize people, like a masterpiece. 

Ah Lian foolishly looked at the man before her in a daze, unable to hide her smile as she exclaimed, “High God Rong Lin looks much better than 200 years ago!” 

People like to be complimented. However, in such an embarrassing situation, who would actually enjoy being complemented? Initially he was irritated by her “offensive” actions, but after hearing her words of praise, he was at a loss and lost the will to berate her. 

Ah Lian, without any clothes and sense of embarrassment, was at his feet swishing her silvery fish tail excitedly. She was a carp with three hundred years of cultivation experience so her human form was equivalent to that of a (well) developing young girl; her development was better than most other carp demons. 

While Rong Lin was frowning slightly and tried to avert his gaze away from her,  a little fish was so happy and lost in her thoughts that she did not realize she was still holding onto Rong Lin’s pants. When she come to her senses and realized her misdemeanor, not wanting to offend her idol, she quickly released her hands and intended to get up to talk to him properly. 

Putting her thoughts into action, she immediately stood up. 

 Rong Lin was surprised and shocked by her actions. “High God Rong Lin….,” before Ah Lian could compose herself and complete her sentence, a snow colored robe suddenly appeared out of nowhere, draped around her and covered her semi naked body. 

As expected, the high god whom she idolized was kind and considerate. Ah Lian stared at the robe that covered her, her fingers running though the embroidered robe and exclaimed in delight, “This is High God Rong Lin’s robe!” 

To Rong Lin, it was nothing more than a piece of cloth, so he felt that it was nothing extraordinary. 

With her being covered, he could properly take a good look at her now. What returned his gaze were two large gleaming eyes filled with admiration, excitement and happiness, looking back at him. It was an expression that he was unfamiliar with. 

In the past, there were many immortal females who looked at him with coy gazes, but to be so unreserved and daring, she was the first one. 

Out of natural reflex, Rong Lin displayed a strategic move he commonly used to deter such people. He narrowed his eyes coldly and intended to give her the cold shoulder, but just as he was about to turn around he noticed that something was holding onto his right sleeve. When he turned to look, he found a girl smiling from ear to ear looking at him intently; he was at a loss for a reaction. 


He was actually quite popular with the female population and approached countless of times in the past. However, his gentle temperament and consideration towards the reputation of the female did not help in such situations, so he developed a method to avoid and deter such unwanted attention – acting cold and aloof. Although it was not his style, this method had actually gotten him out of many sticky situations in the past and so he continued using this method. 


He was soon brought out of his thoughts and finally scowled, displaying displeasure on his face when his realized that the impudent little fish demon had actually started to grope him! 

Ah Lian had never ever expected in her wildest dreams to actually encounter the high god Rong Lin. Without any sense of shame or propriety, she started tugging at is sleeve and murmured, ‘If I had known that I would meet High God Rong Lin here, I would have swam here the moment I entered Ninth Heavenly Pavilion Academy!” 

Just so she could see her idol earlier. 

Left with no other choice, Rong Lin spoke up, “And what were you planning on doing when you meet me?” 

Ah Lian paused and tried to suppress her smile as she whispered, “Does High God not remember me?” 

An awkward silence filled the air, Rong Lin did not reply as he truly had no recollection of the fish demon in front of him. Despite feeling a little disappointed, Ah Lian understood that someone as noble as her idol would be a busy person, so where would he have the time to remember her? 

“Two hundred years ago at Dongze Lake, High God Rong Lin rescued me from a fisherman. If not for you I would not be alive today…. Do you remember? As you gently put me back into the water you told me not to be naughty and to stay in the water, not to get caught by anyone again. I remembered your words of advice and had stayed at the bottom of the lake, not daring to come up to the surface so often,” she explained. 


High God Rong Lin was certainly a busy man. It was his nature to be kind and gentle, not bearing to harm even the flowers and grass. So saving a fish or two, demons or humans, was second nature to him. Over the course of thirty thousand years, he had done many good deeds and saved a considerable amount of creatures. There was no way he could remember each and every one of them.


Ah Lian tried very hard to describe the encounter at that time, just so she could jot his memories and make him remember her. Seeing that he had not a slightest bit of recollection, she furrowed her brows and sadly commented, “You really don’t remember?” 

Her originally fair complexion had flushed red, and her big round eyes emoted disappointment as her eyelashes fluttered against what seemed like tears forming at the rim of her eyes; quite a pitiful sight. 

Seeing such and expression, high god Rong Lin finally opened his mouth, “It seems that there is some recollection.” 

Upon hearing the answer, Ah Lian raised her head and looked at him excitedly, “Really?” 

“En”, Rong Ling grunted as if to confirm, looking at the little fish demon smiling happily before him.

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