Thursday, September 10, 2020

Drama Recap: The Untamed Episode 1

The story drew back to sixteen years ago at burial mounds, Wei Wu Xian destroyed the Yin Hu Fu Citie (a evil Magnetic pendant) and the power hungry fairy families tried to snatch the magnetic pendant in order to be more powerful. A sense of despaired and hopelessness overwhelmed Wei Yin and he jumped off the burial mounds. Lan Zhan reached out his hand to Wei Ying, but his brother Jiang Cheng drew a sword at Wei Ying. In order to protect Lan Zhan, Wei Ying let loose of his blood stained hand and fell off the cliff. 

The screen drew to the present day which was sixteen years later. Wei Ying was summoned back to earth by Mo Xuan Yu through a sacrificial ritual. It seems like there is a great plan or motive behind this as we can see the storyteller telling the story of Yi Lin Lao Zu ( the grand master of the  demonic cultivation) and somebody seem to be listening to the story and tipped the storyeller before he left the inn. On the other hand, Wei Wu Xian woke up as Mo Xuan Yu as through he had a dream and slept for sixteen years. The spirit of Mo Xuan Yu cursed Wei Wu Xian with scratches on his body and the only way he could redeemed himself is to kill those people that had harmed him. In fact, he wanted revenge through Wei Wu Xian. Thereafter, Mo Xuan Yu disappeared in front of Wei Wu Xian.

Mo Xuan Yu was part of the Fairy family but was ill treated. He was bullied by his relatives and was often teased as a duan xiu (homosexual) by people. The servants in the household even had the guts to starved Mo Xuan Yu and physically abused him. In return, Wei Wu Xian taught those rascals a lesson using his magical skills. 

The disciples of Gu Su Lan Sect (Cloud recesses) came to the Mo house after a decapitated hand was found in front of the house. They were the well respected fairy family that helps to get rid of evil spirit.  Wei Wu Xian immediately recognized the school shirt of the Gu Su Lan Sect and wondered if Lan Wang Ji did came with them. To his relief, the disciples seem to be sent here and Lan Wang Ji was not with them. However, a series of weird things happened and the Mo household was ultimately killed by the evil spirit. 

The decapitated hand seem to harbor a lot of grievance and they cannot disperse its anger. It got to the point of uncontrollable situation and Lan Yuan (the leading disciple) and Lan Jing Yi decided to seek help from Lan Wang Ji. Although Wei Wu Xian tried to convince them that he could handle it, but the disciples still blew the signal in the air to inform Lan Wang Ji.

It is important to note that Wei Wu Xian took over Mo Xuan Yu and everybody thought that he was crazy. It was known that Mo Xuan Yu was an outcast in the family. He was thought to be crazy as he likes to surround himself with Wei Wu Xian inventions.  His cousin even stole his things and accused him of being crazy. The well mannered Gu Su Lan Shi took pity on him and helped Mo Xuan Yu to the delight of Wei Wu Xian. They even used the Fa Qi  (Dharma) that Wei Wu Xian invented after his 'death' to rid of evil. Wei Wu Xian was surprised that to this date his invention was still widely used although he was thought to be evil.


Wei Wu Xian secretly helped the Gu Su disciples as he is the grand master of the demonic cultivation. However, he had to hide his identity to the people and pretended to be 'crazy'. When the evil force was not easy to be reckoned with, everyone panicked.    


Lan Wang Ji got the signal from his sect disciples and took his Bi Chen sword with him. He flew down graciously to the rooftop with his wangji qing (his string instrument). Wei Wu Xian knew that Lan Wang Ji is dependable and left the Mo household. Wei Wu Xian sneaked a glance at Lan WangJi and lamented that he after so many years, the clothes they wear still look like Pi Ma Dai Xiao ( mourning clothes). He commended his dressing with a sparkle in his eyes and a mischievous smile. Wei Wu Xian then looked at the cursed marks on his arm and one of it had disappeared. He knew that one of his mission had accomplished and he left the house by 'stealing' a donkey from their neighbor.