Monday, July 25, 2022

The Lady in Butcher's House (2022)

 ~ Adapted from the novel “The Little Lady of the Butcher's House” (屠户家的小娘子) by Lan Ai Cao (蓝艾草) 

Xu Qing Jia was orphaned at a young age, but he studies hard to became on of the top 3 scholars; ranking 2nd. He has a betrothal with Hu Jiao, a daughter of a butcher.

Hu Jiao is a young lady who is illiterate with a fiery personality. She takes care of everything in an orderly manner.

Xu Qing Jia is the very opposite of Hu Jiao. He is no martial arts skills, and next to Hu Jia is is like a weakling. Although he is  knowledgeable and cultured, he can be a little too idealistic and inexperienced in the way of life. 

Their story unfolds in the Northern Song Dynasty as they work together in love, marriage, and helping the people defeat corrupt officials.

Episodes: 36
Type: Historical Romance, Contract Marriage
Aired: April 2022

The Cast Of The Lady In Butcher’s House

Baby Zhang Han Yun as Hu Jiao
Tong Meng Shi as Xu Qing Jia
Chen Yi Long as Gao Zheng
Zeng Yi Xuan as Yu Niang / Yu Xiu
Sheng Hui Zi as Lin Cui
Wang Ruo Lin as Prince Ning
Ren Yu as Cui Wu Lang
Daniel Feng Li as Hu Hou Fu
Dong Yan Lin as Hu Ting Zhi
Min Zheng as Jia Chang / Lord Jia
Ai Ran as Jia Ji Rong / Rong Er
Qiang Yu as Tang Ze
Zhong Fu Xiang as Zhu Ting Xian / Lord Zhu
Peter Cai Rong as Yong Shou
He Yong Sheng as Lord Fu


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