Wednesday, January 17, 2024

SPY x FAMILY Season 2 and Movie SPY x FAMILY CODE: White

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Spy x Family is definitely an anime that sneaks into your heart

Season 2 arrived in October 2023, and as soon as it was released it was over in 12 episodes just before the arrival of 2024. 

But not to fret as we also found out we're getting a SPY x FAMILY movie - SPY x FAMILY CODE: White! Here's everything you need to know about it:
  • It's was released in Japanese cinemas on 22 December 2023.
  • It's been confirmed that the plot is all new, so outside of anything fans have seen in the manga.
  • While on a family trip, Anya accidentally swallows chocolate that could threaten world peace. It is then up to the makeshift family of the spy, the assassin, the telepath, and a dog who can see the future, to defeat the forces of evil and save the world.

More on where you can watch it and the varipus realease dates throughout the world can be found in this Wiki


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