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Thursday, June 27, 2024

Seo Yea Ji signed exclusive contract with Sublime


Fans of Korean actress Seo Yea Ji do not need to wait any longer for her comeback to the entertainment industry. Seo Ye Ji had recently signed an exclusive contract with the agency Sublime that house many acting talents such as prominent actor Song Kang Ho. Seo Yea Ji took a long break from acting after her drama Eve was broadcasted in year 2022. Since then, Seo Yea Ji was deeply involved in various controversies and gossips which forced the actress to take a hiatus from acting. Her exclusive contract with Gold Medalist ended in November 2023. Since then, the controversial actress is a free agent. Seo Yea Ji is rising star after she starred in the international hit drama It’s Okay to Not be okay, only to face her downfall a year later with the scandal of her text messages with her ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun. 

Seo Yea Ji scandal and timeline

Dispatch exposed the juicy scandal involving Seo Yea Ji and Kim Jung Hyun in year 2021, which is a year after the success of the hit international drama It's Okay to Not be Okay. We know Seo Yea Ji became popular after she acted in the drama. Unfortunately, her text messages with her ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun were dug out and Seo Yea Ji was accused of gaslighting her ex-boyfriend during the filming of the drama Time in year 2018. It was revealed that Seo Yea Ji manipulated Kim Jung Hyun into amending the scripts so that there is no intimate scene between his co-star Girls Generation Seohyun. She even instructed Kim Jung Hyun to maintain a distance from the female staff members at the filming set. In addition, Seo Yea Ji was also blamed for Kim Jung Hyun rude behaviors at the Time press conference. Due to the scandal, Seo Yea Ji was dropped like a hot potato from various endorsements that she represents. 

Subsequently, netizens start to dig out her past statements on the falsification of her academic achievement as she apparently said that she attended a university in Spain in hope of becoming a news anchor, before she decided to focus on her acting career. There were multiple times when she claimed to have studied in Spain, but she contradicted her statement when she revealed to the public later that she did not enroll in a University in Spain. Netizens were convinced that Seo Yea Ji had told a lie to the public and she faced backlashed again. To add fuel to the oil, past acquittances and ex-staff member of Seo Yea Ji had jumped out of nowhere and accused Seo Yea Ji of being a bully and even stole money from them.  The controversies went out of control at a point of time and people have come out with various accusations of Seo Yea Ji bad personalities. 

A controversial reporter exposed that Seo Yeh Ji has been romantically involved with TVXQ Yunho and has been manipulating him. He also mentioned that Seo Yea Ji had dated her co-star in It's Okay to Not Be Okay Kim Soo Hyun. They were in a relationship before she decided to date his cousin Kim Sa Rang who is the co-owner of Gold Medalist. Seo Yea Ji and her then agency Gold Medalist had kept quiet throughout the whole accusation, and it incurred the wrath of the public as Seo Yea Ji did not apologize for her past actions. The last controversy was during the broadcast of the Drama Eve, her family were involved in a dispute with their neighbors due to the parking lot. The neighbors accused Seo Yea Ji and her family for been inconsiderate and caused inconvenience to others due to their actions.  

Seo Yea Ji was sued by the endorsement company for damaging to their reputations, people who used to support her had turned against her. In light of her apologies to the public due to her immature personality and attitude, netizens still refused to let it go and even calling her out for being insincere. Seo Yea Ji decided to go for a time of reflection before she opened an Instagram account recently and slowly returned to the public eyes. 

My thoughts

While I understand that Korean celebrities operate on good reputation and clean image, I think the numerous controversies surrounding Seo Yea Ji was uncalled for and is unnecessary. The scandal snowballed into more controversies due to Seo Yea Ji past behavior started floating around the internet. The private messages were dug out and people think that they have the right to condemn an actress for her poor conduct and personality. I can't help but feel that there is a conspiracy to pull Seo Yea Ji down from the altar. Maybe she offended some people so much so that they decided to destroy her rising career. There could be people who are jealous of her beauty. 

There is always a two side to a coin, and we should not judge a person immediately. In my opinion, the person who revealed the conversation was doing something that is illegal. We all do not have the right to see or even reveal any personal messages unless it had something to do with a crime. The personal messages were only for the couple, and it could be a quarrel between them since Kim Jung Hyun demanded Seo Yea Ji not to have skin ship with her co-star first. I don't get why people want to be so interested in this gossip, the party involved should come out and have a talk, but it is not up to us to judge anything. 

It was later proven that the bullying scandals were unfounded, and the falsification of her academic achievement was a misunderstanding as she was actually studying in a language school in Spain. Unfortunately, despite the validity of the accusation, Seo Yea Ji reputations were destroyed. All the hard work she builds for herself as an established actress came to a halt because of the overwhelming protest for her to be cancelled in the entertainment industry.   Her lead role in the drama Eve was being overshadowed by her controversies and it was truly unfair for the production team. We know that Seo Yeh has the potential to excel in her role, but Korean netizen is not forgiving towards their celebrities especially women. There is a saying that drama mirrors our life, I supposed Seo Yea Ji acting as Ko Moon Yeung may be somewhat reflecting on what she is experiencing now. After all this time of reflecting, Seo Yea Ji has become more matured and elegant, hopefully wiser too. I hope Seo Yea Ji will once again prove to the world that she is an outstanding Korean actress and be truly recognized for her work!