Monday, February 04, 2008

Romantic Princess

Raised by middle classed parents, Mai always had a dream of living in a castle like a princess. As her family isn’t that well-off since her father lost his job, Mai has been working extremely hard at various part-time jobs to support her family and herself. But who would have guessed that Mai’s dream would one day come true: it turns out that she was adopted; her biological grandfather is the head of a prestigious aristocratic family.

After many years of searching for his long-lost granddaughter, he finally finds her – Mai. And so the life as heiress begins for Mai – classes on etiquette, meeting new people and enemies. Although everyday is filled with excitement, Mai realizes that everything is different from how she originally thought it would be. Join her on her journey as she explores the life of an heiress and the hardships she has to overcome.

A good fun watch to pass your day with. it did get kind of tacky towards the end, but if you're able to tolerate certain parts of the show, it's pretty entertaining watch.


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