Saturday, February 02, 2008

It Started with a Kiss

Xiang Qin always had a crush on the school’s top student, Jiang Zhi Shu - a genius with an IQ of 200 who is cold and distant, and in the top class. It doesn't help that she's one of the school's worst student academically and in the last class. When she finally musters up the courage to confess to him, in the process managing to somehow land in a very embarrassing situation, he rejects her in front of the whole student body in the most humiliating manner.

Shortly after her confession, her house is destroyed by an earthquake and this forces her and her father to take refuge with her father’s own ex-schoolmate. This ex-schoolmate of her father’s turns out to be the father of Jiang Zhi Shu, which shocks her to no end.

Will the close proximity give her a second chance to win Zhi Shu's heart, or will her love for him end under his cold words? What happens when there is competition for his heart? Join Xiang Qin as she embarks on her adventure to win Zhi Shu’s heart.

Adapted from the manga, it almost follows the storyline which it's own changes of course. On the whole the story is engaging and funny. It was especially sweet towards the end. A typical and hilarious ending awaits you at the end. It's one of those shows that brighten up your day abit and let it go by faster.


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