Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Delightful/Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang Episode 7

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Both families' of Mong-ryong and Chun-hyang are delighted that their children have gotten places in the University of Korea. When the parent suggest that the wedding should be held soon, the couple feels awkward.

Mong-ryong sneers at Chun-hyang for not getting her driver's license, and in turn Chun-hyang refuses to help Mong-ryong convince his father to let him have the car.

Chun-hyang overhears that Mong-ryong's mother is objecting to the marriage, claiming that Chun-hyang and her mother agreed to the marriage because they needed money for her studies. Upset with the remark, Chun-hyang tell Mong-ryong's father that she will pay for her own education hence forth.

Mong-ryong goes shopping with Chun-hyang and she sees a pair of leather shoes that she likes, but cannot afford to bear. Back home, when she sees the same pair of shoes in Mong-ryong 's room, she assumes that he has bought them for her. Thus, she convinces Mong-ryong's father to let Mong-ryong use the car.

When Mong-ryon drives Chun-hyang and her friends to Seoul, Chun-hyang is disappointed when Mong-ryong goes her a pair of sports shoes instead of the leather shoes, which he has given to Chae-rin.

Hak-do sees Chun-hyang shivering in the colder while waiting for Mong-ryong to pick her up. He lets her wait in his car, and even plays games with her to pass the time. Mong-ryong see them and is jealous.

Back home, Chun-hyang discovers that her mother has left after losing all her money in a bogus investment scheme. As a results, Chun-hyang faces difficulties in paying her school fees. she wants to ask Mong-ryong for help, but cannot bring herself to do so.

Hak-do invites Chun-hyang and the others to go skiing. Chun-hyang is upset when Mong-ryong invites Chae-rin along. Next>>

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