Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Delightful/Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang Episode 9

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While Chun-hyang has no money to register for the new school term, Mong-ryong worries when he does not see her name. As there is no news, Chun-hyang asks Hak-do if his company provides scholarships for outstanding students. She is disappointed when Hak-do tells here there is no such scholarship. Hak-do learns that Chae-rin is Mong-ryong's first love and urges Chun-hyang to fight for her own happiness.

Dan-hee tells Hak-do about chun-hyang's financial problems, and Hak-do decides to help Chun0hyang out by offering a scholarship. Mong-ryong looks Chun0hyang up after ceing told what happened. Chun-hyang rejects his offer to ask his parents for money.

Hak-do sees Chun-hyang drinking with Mong-ryong, and even taking the equally drunk Mong-ryong to a motel. Enrages, Hak-do calls off the scholarship.

Mong-ryong moves to Seoul with his family, bidding Chun-hyang farewell and presumes that they will meet in school. Chun-hyang's mother returns and regrets getting her daugther into trouble.

Mong-ryong finds out that Chun-hyang is not attending unicersity, and tries to find her in vain. Mong-ryong's father feels bad when he finally sees chun-hyang. She tells him that she can no longer face Mong-ryong without falling for him deeper.

Hak-do helps Chun-hyang out selling accesories. Mong-ryong calls Chun-hyang after managing to obtain her address. He sees Hak-do proposing to Chun-hyang with diamond necklace. Next>>

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