Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Delightful/Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang Episode 11

Delightful/Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang > Episode 11 [Watch it]

Mong-ryong sells his family heirloom ad buys Chun-hyang the same necklace that she thought she lost. He lies that he found it.

Hak-do is surprised when Chun-hyang returns the necklace. He goes to the shop and learns that a young man bought the same necklace. He guesses tht it's Mong-ryong.

Mong-ryong's father is about the show his colleague his family heirloom when he discovers that it is no longer in its box. He beats Mong-ryong up when he finds out that who stole it.

Mong-ryong father tells Chun-hyang not to take Mong-ryong in, as he has stolen the heirloom. Mong-ryong true enough turns u at Chun-hyang's house. She questions him, but he simply tells her that a friend of his was in need of money.

Since Mong-ryong brought gitfts, Chun-hyang's mother lets Mong-ryong stay. Chun-hyang agrees to let him stay upon realizing that he is ill till he recoevers, but insists that he pay rent.

Chun-hyang tells Hak-do not to wait for her to change her mind, as she has many issues to settle with Mong-ryong. Mong-ryong accidentally breaks the landlady's sauce jar. To avoid getting thrown out, Chun-hyang makes Mong-ryong give the land-lady's son tuition for free.

Chun-hyang delivers books to Mong-ryong and meets Chae-rin while waiting for him. Chae-rin's friends looks down on her.

Chun-hyang's mother and friends try their best to reconcile Chun-hyang and Mong-ryong together again. Next>>


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