Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Delightful/Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang Episode 14

Delightful/Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang > Episode 14 [Watch it]
Hak-do asks Choon-Hyang to find him a comfortable home. Back home, Chun-hyang gives Mong-ryong money and urges him to attend classes. The better Chun-hyang treats Mong-ryong, the more worried he gets.
Moved by Hak-do's concern for Chun-hyang, Chun-hyang's friend asserts that Mong-ryong does not stand a chance. Mong-ryong is upset that Chun-hyang has gone to watch a movie with Hak-do, but he waits at the bust sop with a new sweater he bought for her. Hak-do deliberately diverts Chun-hyang's attention, causing her to miss meeting Mong-ryong.
To get into Chun-hyang's good books, Hak-do gives her friend a part in his new move.
Chun-hyang is distraught when the only photo of her father gets wet. Mong-ryong takes it to the photoshop to get it touched up.
Chae-rin collaborates with Hak-do to make Chun-hyang mistake Mong-ryong. Hak-do encourages Chun-hyang to chase Mong-ryong away. So Chun-hyang takes Mong-ryong out for drinks and then tells him to leave.
Mong-ryong asks Chun-hyang to repair his mobile phone accessory. she replies that is cannot be repaired, just like their relationship. She ten proceeds to send his luggage away.
Mong-ryong leaves a message for Chun-hyang at her shop. Hak-do takes the note away and stays by Chun-hyang's side the entire day.
Chun-hyang discovers that Chae-rin has lied and she find Mong-ryong's note in Hak-do's car. When she finds Mong-ryong's note, she rushes off to the station, leaving a crestfallen Hak-do witnessing their embrace.


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