Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fahrenheit Braves Summer Heat; Sign 7000 Copies of New Book

Fahrenheit's new pictorial book, 原點.飛輪海/The Beginning: Fahrenheit (by Reading Times), was released on the 13th. The group help a 7-hour "marathon" book autograph session; the four signed until they couldn't take it anymore! Arron Yan YaLun asked some workers for a massage, Jiro Wang DongCheng donned a wrist guard, and Wu Zun and Calvin Chen YiRu repeatedly cried out that they were hot, downing water wildly to replenish their energy.

There were fans from all over at the autograph session-- fans from Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Mainland numbered more than 700. Some fans were in kimonos; there was even an 80-year-old Taiwanese grandma who brought her elementary school-aged granddaughter with her on stage. The sharp-eyed, observant Fahrenheit even recognized her: "Ama (Grandma) comes to every one of our events!" The four young men signed nearly 7000 copies of their book yesterday. 50,000 copies were printed; it has been enthusiastically received in all channels.

Fahrenheit said that they were very much involved in the preparation and execution of this pictorial book ("We 管很大 guan hen da (managed a lot)!"*); from the photo shoot locations to the styling and proofing of each member-- the four members did it all! The four donated items were also delivered to the hands of their respective charity auction winners; the $780,000 NTD in proceeds will be used to help children affected by Hurricane Morakot resume their studies.
* Translator's Note: 管很大 Guan hen da doesn't actually make much sense grammatically... however, it's meant as a joke/pun, a mimicry of a currently popular commercial catchphrase: "殺很大 Sha hen da (very killer)!"

By coincidence, Rainie Yang ChengLin, who has been rumored to be with Jiro in the past, was right next to the autograph session for her own activity, an Adidas spokesmodeling event. She said that she and Jiro are friends, and that they contact each other via MSN and send each other "Happy Birthday" texts (SMS). When asked whether or not she'd purchase a copy of their book to support her friend, she replied frankly: "No, I'd be afraid that people would misunderstand and think I'd fallen for him. I'll wait for him to give one to me!"

News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan, ChinaTimes, http://asianfanatics.net/forum/
Translation Credit: tammiest @ http://asianfanatics.net/


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